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Haivision SRT Optimizes Video Transmission Regardless of Network Quality

Haivision’s Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is now available free of charge for its Makito X Series encoders and decoders.

Over the past few weeks the Montreal, Canada-based company Haivision has been quite busy releasing several new products.

The Skinny: The latest new product from Haivision is the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology available at no extra charge on its Makito X series of encoders and decoders.

The Specs: Haivision explains the addition of the SRT technology is designed to optimize streaming video performance regardless of the quality of network carrying the content. The SRT technology combines end-to-end security and dynamic endpoint adjustment capabilities to maintain consistent video quality in a variety of circumstances.

The technology enables streaming events from any venue and allows users to monitor remote facility feeds without dedicated network provisioning to eliminate long lead times and annual contracts. In addition, it allows users to introduce live video to digital signage networks without incurring the additional costs of investing into more infrastructure.

Solutions: Haivision’s SRT technology supports applications such as digital signage as well as other streaming video installation scenarios such as broadcast.