NEC’s Take on the Future of Digital Signage

Sharp/NEC joins us to discuss how digital signage can be used to encourage customers to re-enter spaces which were restricted this year.

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George Borden of Sharp/NEC joins us for another CI 3 Questions — this time, all about how digital signage can be used to capitalize on the customer experience and encourage customers to re-enter spaces that might have been closed or restricted capacity over the past year.

CI: How can digital signage be used to help customers safely re-enter spaces which have been restricted this year?

I think the big takeaway word out of that question is ‘experience.’

That’s the one thing that we want to do in business is give everybody the opportunity to have a great experience coming back into a facility, whether that’s a store, a business environment, because folks are going to have different decisions to make.

So I think that you have to accommodate for every thought processes out there from your potential customer, and give them a pathway of confidence, in comfort, coming into your facility. So if I’m really concerned about my safety and I want to make sure that they’re addressing that need for me; or if I’m a little lackluster about it, no offense to those folks.

But we need to accommodate for them, because they’re paying customers as well. Signage can definitely help guide that process, and instill those messages in a meaningful way that doesn’t offend and actually creates that welcoming type of feel that we want to give to people so that once they leave a store in our business, they can go tell everybody what a great experience they had. Signage can definitely help that happen.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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