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Signagelive, AdMobilize Bring Audience Measurement to Digital Signage Networks

AdMobilize will be the audience analytics provider for the new Signagelive Marketplace, which includes more than 1,800 digital signage network users.

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Signagelive, AdMobilize Bring Audience Measurement to Digital Signage Networks

Signagelive has partnered with AdMobilize to “bring real-time audience analytics and dynamic creative capabilities to digital signage networks across the globe,” according to a recent joint announcement from the companies.

AdMobilize’s “transformative analytics platform” provides data “to understand the attention, demographics and emotions of viewers engaging with networks powered by Signagelive,” according to the press release.

AdMobilize exhibited its Crowd Edge hardware kit and Crowd Analytics platform at InfoComm 2017. The platform can, in real time, track ad performance and customer engagement. It can also capture people, vehicle and crowd analytics, segment campaigns and content by hour and location.

Customers crave that data, according to AdMobilize CEO Rodolfo Saccoman. He says AdMobilize provides a dashboard that he nicknamed “the Google Analytics of crowd analytics.”

“Being able to support the proof of play and proof of display data that we capture in Signagelive with proof of view is imperative to Signagelive resellers and network operators who want to measure the true impact of their digital signage,” according to Signagelive founder/CEO Jason Cremins. “AdMobilize provides a simple, powerful and cost-effective audience measurement and visual analytics platform that compliments Signagelive and meets the demands of our partners and the 1,800 digital signage networks powered by our platform across the world.”

Signagelive and AdMobilize have several case studies in the works in partnership with VARs, MSPs and Networks for the remainder of 2017. Both companies “look to grow the number of projects throughout the year and continue to provide a more seamless solution that continues to evolve the convergence of data and digital signage,” according to the joint announcement.

“Working with Signagelive and their network of partners just makes sense,” says Mike Neel, global head of marketing and sales for AdMobilize. “The demand for audience measurement and visual analytics for digital signage has reached a tipping point, and our technology allows it to be highly scalable. We believe our combined effort will make utilizing these solutions more practical and effective for networks. The ultimate goal is to provide insights that positively impact their digital signage solution.”

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