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Inside the No-Bezel (or Nearly-No-Bezel) Video Wall Trend

A new generation of products are eliminating bezels and canceling out video walls’ only apparent drawback. >

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Increasingly cost-effective video walls are popping up everywhere and in just about every vertical market.

The only major criticism of these visual communication devices is the unsightliness of display bezels. Manufacturers are obviously aware of this because there seems to be a new generation of “bezel-less” or “narrow bezel” video wall products.

Christie recently announced its FHD461-X ultra-narrow bezel, 46-inch, LCD flat panel display. There are also diverse solutions from LXi, a South African manufacturer that markets a “0 Bezel” video wall, and Ontario-based firm Seamless Display Systems (SDS).

Seamless or near-seamless video walls are in demand everywhere from airport and train stations to retail stores and malls, says SDS CEO Adrian Kitai, because the elimination of bezels or seams makes the graphics more inviting to users.

“With no bezel gaps a seamless video wall provides artistic freedom and a premium appearance,” he claims. “The absence of bezel gaps also removes restrictions on the types of images that can be displayed, and it eliminates break-ups that occur due to seams in traditional video walls which can hide information or make it hard to read.”

Kitai says seamless video wall category represents the future of the video walls, and once electronics professionals learn the installation techniques required to install the products, they will find them no more difficult than standard video walls to install.

This SDS video explains the technology further:

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