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No Matter the Pixel Pitch – Convergent Keeps Things Together

No matter what manufacturer or pixel pitch an LED video wall needs, the mounting solution behind it is the foundation for its success

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When thinking about direct-view LED, the biggest thing that comes to mind is the boldness and the brightness of colors being emitted from the RGB diodes. This light emission is integral for painting a beautiful colored canvas in almost limitless vertical applications. The best part about creating a video wall with direct-view LED is that it can be any size or array – though most installations either focus on keeping things at an HD or 4K aspect ratio. Different pixel pitches ranging from .9 to 2.5 all have their intended uses and applications, but all cabinets can converge together to become a seamless full HD video wall.

No matter what pixel pitch the cabinets your next project uses, there is one common sentiment that needs to be understood when it comes to any LED video wall project and it can be driven home by this mantra.

“A video wall is only as good as the mounting solution that supports it.”

Think of a completed video wall as a freshly built home. On the outside, it has beautiful aesthetics and looks amazing architecturally, but on the inside, the foundation is crumbling and the support could give way at any second. The displays showcase immersive HD content and catch the attention of the users, but the mount is the foundation that converges and keeps things together. It is a true testament of why video walls (and homes) should always be built from the inside out, not the outside in.

What mount makes the most sense to be the foundation of your next video wall project? Even though cabinet sizes differ and different arrays are needed for a full HD configuration, what solution is easy to understand no matter what cabinet is specified into the project?

Convergent from Premier Mounts continues to be the best choice for installers ever since winning Commercial Integrator’s award for Best Display Mount in 2019. The solution was voted amongst integrators due to easy installation, x-y-z seam adjustment features and built in hardware that combats highly rigid wall surfaces. Having a solution that can tackle an unlimited number of variables means that you can set a solid foundation early in the installation and spend more time fine tuning the displays for picture perfect image quality.

Our team at Premier Mounts has worked diligently over the last couple weeks to make our Convergent series of LED mounts more accessible to our customers. We have added LG Electronics’ LAS cabinets to our line in addition to our Samsung, Planar, Absen, Unilumin, and Barco mounting solutions. Our mission is to create a solution that can be modified no matter which cabinet your project utilizes.

During the time of COVID-19 quarantine, we will continue to lift all regular credit terms meaning that you can get your hands on our mounting solution now and get the job completed before having to pay out of pocket. Our team is happy to work with our customers who are having tough times. Contact our team and let’s discuss how we can partner together today to build the best video walls of the future!

To get started on your next video wall, click here to use our online configurator and we can help you each and every step of the way!


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