Product Trends in Digital Signage & Video Walls

We recently sat down with Todd Stih of Mitsubishi Electric to talk product trends in digital signage & video walls.

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We recently sat down with Todd Stih of Mitsubishi Electric to talk product trends in digital signage & video walls.

CI: What product trends are we seeing in this market?

One thing that I’ve noticed is people starting to pay a bit more attention to what’s in the product and what they’re getting for the price, specifically, with regard to fine pitch LED is in the bonding wires and the material that’s used, and how that impacts price and performance.

So there’s copper bonding wires, and there are gold bonding wires. By the way, for those who of you that don’t know what that is, that’s the tiny little wire inside that led that connects the lead frame and the power coming into the actual diode itself.

But a copper bonding wire is isn’t as reliable at conducting power and isn’t as durable, but it’s a lot less expensive. We use gold bonding wires, they have shown to be more more durable and more reliable. There’s a lot of different price points on the market.

But when people are looking at the price they’re paying and what they’re getting for that, that is a huge impact on the cost of a fine pitch product and an impact on the durability as well. So one of the trends we’re seeing is a lot of copper bonding wire to hit lower price points.

We are also seeing a lot more customization. For a long time, customization meant just doing right angled corners. And there are a lot of products out there that do that now that have special cabinets that come with seamless, right angled corners.

But architects and customers, as they look at some of these installations, a lot of them are looking for a signature elements, which are highly customized. We are working on a project right now for a customer and working doing this through a systems integrator, where there’s some standard video product, but then there is a display that is that is hanging from the middle of this area that completely custom really from soup to nuts, we’re actually building this structure and building the displays for the integrator and kind of delivering that and in one piece just because of the level of customization.

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