VITEC EZ TV Platform Lets You Build on Existing Video Walls: See How it Works at Their InfoComm 2018 Booth

The VITEC InfoComm 2018 booth offered integrators a look at powerful video wall management products, including the VITEC EZ TV platform and MGW Diamond.

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The VITEC InfoComm 2018 booth highlighted a video wall solution focused on ease of management and scalability. The VITEC EZ TV platform allows integrators to use one processor to manage 4 different video walls — each of which may include over 50 screens.

Here’s a rundown of what the VITEC EZ TV platform offers:

  • IPTV Portal – an admin interface for configuring IPTV (live TV channels, programming guides, uploading VOD content, managing users etc.)
  • Browser Player – browser-based IPTV player for playback of all content generated locally or by a third party
  • Set-Top Boxes/Signage Endpoints – VITEC AES encryption, two 1080p streams decoded simultaneously
  • Mobile Player – for iOS and Android devices
  • Sign Creator – design app
  • IP Monitoring

On the encoding side, VITEC also offered a glimpse at the MGW Diamond, a 4-channel HEVC & H.264 encoder with the abilty to output up to eight streams simultaneously.

The MGW Diamond offers:

  • Muti-site/Multi-channel IP Video distribution
  • HD 1080p60 monitoring and Command and Control of multiple sources
  • IP Video dissemination
  • Streaming Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) video feeds from ground and airborne vehicles over RF/satellite
  • Streaming Situational Awareness and FMV content across LANs and WANs with KLV / STANAG metadata
  • Streaming video to desktop/laptop, TV and mobile devices

More on VITEC InfoComm 2018 products from Peer Jambor, marketing director:

“We really wanted to make it a platform you can build on; you can expand. In collegiate sports, they might start off smaller, but add on signage and another platform to complete the experience [later].

“We encounter all the time that our main competitor’s system for management is very complicated. They have to call support or have someone on-site which is very costly and time consuming.

“That’s one of the main advantages we have: it’s really an easy management to change signs at venues like the Sacramento Kings where they have over 200 events per year and need to constantly change their setup.”