Why LED Displays? 3 Questions with SNA Displays

Why choose LED displays? We sat down with SNA Displays to learn more about the optimal use of LED over LCD and projection.

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Why choose LED displays over LCD or projection? We sat down with Rick Bortles, VP of global sales, SNA Displays to learn more about making that choice and in what situations LED shines brighter than other options.

Commercial Integrator: How can LED help to create unique designs with video walls in a way that LCD cannot?

Rick Bortles: What you’re seeing in the LED world is a migration into other applications. People are replacing conference room projectors with LED, primarily due to fallen price points. LED can give you any size or shape for creative or excessively large applications.

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The other personal issue I have is that an LCD video wall has bezels, which draws the focus away from the image.

CI: What are the considerations for indoor vs. outdoor displays?

RB: When you’re dealing with an outdoor displays, you need stamp drawings, engineers, an understanding the structural concerns. We have all those architectural and engineering skills in-house.

CI: How important is it for integrators to pay just as much attention to the backend of a system as the client-facing part?

RB: The upstream is very important because the client just points and says, “the screen’s not working,” and all the components in the upstream might be the problem. We’ve worked with every CMS and playback system you can think of and we can make sure the interface is in the right format, resolution, etc.

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