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What is New in Digital Signage?

These are the digital signage trends to look out for in 2021.

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Digital signage has evolved with the needs of business communication, promising both impact and results. It has become a vital tool adopted by forward thinking retailers looking to build exceptional customer experiences.  

Over the last decade, the cloud-based content management systems (CMS) digital communication have brought added sophistication and solid security measures boosting the value of adopting a digital signage network 

What is the cloud-based CMS? cloud based CMS allows content creators to work on a single platform to upload, manage, approve and push out content remotely to a digital signage display.

This saves time, reduces added labor and costs traditionally present with paper/static signage.   

In addition, a modern CMS, like the L Squared Hub, enables you to use familiar tool like Microsoft PowerPoint to create and upload content without having to log into a secondary system. 

This provides a plethora of added creative functionality, as well as ease of use to the end user. These types of smart integrations allow retailers to push out content faster and more consistently.   

Digital signage is the most powerful “voice” you can employ when you want your customers to pay attention and stay engaged on important brand stories, business campaigns, policies, news and more. 

It is no surprise that digital signage has moved from a “nice to have” tool to an absolute “necessity”.   Almost 70% of brands who are currently not utilizing digital signage are looking to add this to their engagement strategy 


  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Adopted by every industry, the digital signage industry is taking steps to make sure it is not left behind.  AI has simplified content creation with machine learning, automating creation and pre-selecting templates will allow digital signage systems to push out content even more quickly and efficiently  
  • InteractivityQuick service restaurants and fast food chains have already started to adopt a more interactive menu signage system. From switching to self-serve sign-in screen stands, swapping tabletop tablets in lieu of paper menus and integrating gamification elementsrestauranteurs have not been shy with the use of interactive digital signage.  We will continue to see this trend trickle over to the retail and corporate environments as well. 
  • Cloud-based deployment: Advanced signage features offer cloud-based programming which permit immediate and secure refreshing of digital signage.  Security is the foremost concern for enterprise business.  Hence, higher levels of security standards are being added to digital communication to help ease the mind of executives. 

It is clear we are entering another phase of advancement as customer needs are changing and growing. Ensuring business success and results are possible through the means of a implementing a solid digital signage system; such as the L Squared platform.   

The L Squared HubTM is an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® MRS). Intel® MRS combines the power of interactive flat panel displays with advanced signage players to strengthen communication and viewer engagement—enabling a more visual and connected customer experience.

Intel delivers power-efficient performance and intelligence optimized for business.  

Intel’s vision technology and deep learning capabilities, brands can realize new use cases and faster response times. Lastly, the built-in suite of security capabilities makes it is easier to implement a consistent security model that helps protect against a widerange of threats.  

Technology is advancing at a rate faster than anything we have seen over the past 100 years.

Businesses that are paying attention and adopting these developing technologies will be better prepared for the growing needs of customer and ultimately succeed.

What’s your take on digital signage and how it can help your business?  

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