SurgeX at InfoComm 2018: Power Protection and Surge Suppression Must-Haves

The SurgeX InfoComm 2018 booth focuses on power management line, the Defender series, ideal for smaller applications with budget-conscious price points.

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SurgeX at InfoComm 2018: Power Protection and Surge Suppression Must-Haves

Defender Series

The SurgeX InfoComm 2018 booth featured the Defender series of power protection as well as a brand new suite of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions.

Didn’t get to check out the SurgeX booth? Check out a quick overview of what you might’ve missed in this Q&A with manager of sales Rick Komendera on their InfoComm recommendations.

Commercial IntegratorWhat was the most important product to see in the SurgeX InfoComm 2018 booth?

With the new SurgeX Defender Series of products, power protection doesn’t have to be sacrificed regardless of the budget or size of the system.

Ideal for smaller, cost-conscious applications, the Defender Series provides affordable, comprehensive protection to increase uptime and ensure equipment functions properly.

SurgeX InfoComm, Defender series, SurgeX

Large format UPS, 20kVa

The Defender Series protects AV equipment from electrical transients with patented non-sacrificial Multi-Stage surge suppression technology.

With three stages of protection, the Defender Series ensures equipment is safeguarded from the harmful effects of surge energy and its advanced filtering virtually eliminates normal and common mode electrical noise interference that can cause reboots and downtime.

CI: What else created a buzz in your booth at the show?

Our new suite of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions were on display at InfoComm 2018 to round out our existing UPS lineup. Through these new models, we have the capability of providing true double-conversion UPS units for every installation, regardless of size.

From a 1000VA rack mounted unit, all the way to 40,000 volt-amps (40kVA) our UPS solutions provide integrators will bulletproof battery backup for all mission critical systems irrespective of size.

SurgeX InfoComm, Defender series, SurgeX

Large format UPS, 15kVa

CI: What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from SurgeX’s InfoComm presence this year?

This year at InfoComm, we discussed the importance of a solid power foundation with our partners.

Over the years as more and more devices are added to the network, we’ve found that many within the industry believe the network is the foundation of the install and so long as that is installed or calibrated correctly, everything else will go smoothly.

We’re here to communicate that, no matter how perfectly calibrated your network is, if that network is receiving dirty or unstable power, those conditions can bring that network down.

We’re not understating the importance of the network, rather we want to educate our partners on the threats power presents to sensitive networks and connected equipment.

An installation built from the bottom up with solid power as it’s foundation can ensure less lock ups, downtime, and help safeguard a dealer’s reputation.