Almo Pro AV Tech Tips: LED Displays

Learn the basics of LED display technology and Ultra HD 4K resolution in this Almo Pro AV Tech Tips video.

In this edition of Almo Pro AV Tech Tips, viewers can learn about the possibilities and advantages of LED display technology.

Almo Tech Tips discusses the basics of LED lighting: variations, benefits, and applications utilizing Ultra HD 4K resolution.

LED displays are a subset of LCD displays. They do not generate their own light, so they require a backlight source.

Until recently, this light was created using something like a fluorescent lamp. But just as we are staring to see a move from florescent to LED for interior lighting, a similar thing is happening with LCD displays.

Advantages to LEDs for LCD displays:

  • Enhanced image quality
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Overall durability

Specific benefits to your display:

  • Higher brightness
  • Thinner displays
  • Require less power to operate
  • Run cooler
  • No mercury in LEDs (compared to a fluorescent lamp)
  • Last longer

The Tech Tips video also discusses the difference between edge lit displays and back lit displays, and what ‘true’ LED really is.

Watch the Almo Pro AV Tech Tips video to learn more: