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Wilson Electronics Acquires Cell Signal Meter Manufacturer SignalTeQ

Integrator adoption of the SignalTeQ CellLinQ meter and app will provide ‘faster, optimized commercial cellular signal amplifier installs.’

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Wilson Electronics​ today announced the acquisition of ​SignalTeQ​, creator of the CellLinQ meter and app.

The CellLinQ Meter + App “helps professional installers save time and money when conducting cellular site surveys for commercial installations,” according to the joint announcement.

This acquisition “is a result of rapidly increasing demand for Wilson Electronics’ professionally installed products,” the announcement says.

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 “Rapid, comprehensive and correct installations are crucial in guaranteeing our cellular signal amplifiers function properly and provide the full range of user benefits,” said Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster in the joint announcement.

“We are confident that the addition of SignalTeQ’s CellLinQ Meter + App into the installation process will provide a more nuanced way for integrators to fine-tune their installations for rapid, dependable commercial installs and increased customer satisfaction,” he said in the announcement.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, SignalTeQ “provides the most advanced commercial cellular site surveying tools on the market to aid integrators in the site walk and design of complex enterprise commercial solutions,” according to the joint announcement.

CellLinq Meter

Why Wilson Electronics Wanted SignalTeQ

SignalTeQ’s CellLinQ Meter + App is “a comprehensive two-part system that communicates via a Bluetooth connection,” the announcement says.

When the scan button is pressed, the meter lists all available cellular tower information within range of its antenna. Towers are located, geo-mapped and pinned based on carrier ID and location. In addition, the CellLinQ Meter + App provides an individual tower or list view of results and data logging of scans.

The implementation of the CellLinQ Meter + App “will reduce the complexity of commercial installs, saving time and money for professional integrators and improving quality for enterprise customers of all types including healthcare facilities, commercial real estate properties, manufacturing buildings and educational institutions, among others,” according to the joint announcement.

The system will also be used by OnTech by DISH, Wilson’s partner for installation of its residential weBoost Installed Home Complete cellular signal booster, and CEDIA.