The Eco Friendly Office Features Employees Want

Over half of the office workers surveyed in this research say that not enough is done at their workplace to institute eco friendly office practices.

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The Eco Friendly Office Features Employees Want research

On the heels of recently philosophizing on the merits of eliminating packaging waste in pro AV, I’ve come across some research that suggests half of all offices don’t use eco friendly features.

The eco friendly office research by found that 26% of US job applicants choose roles based on how eco friendly the office is, and that most US offices score an average of 2.1 out of 5 for eco-friendliness.

When asked to describe features which could improve the situation, those surveyed rated “eco friendly office designs and architecture” (73%) as the most preferred green office features, followed by:

  • Energy efficient utilities/devices (69%)
  • Office challenges and green policies (57%)
  • In-office sustainability team (44%)
  • Abundance of plant-life (33%)
  • Sustainable office stationary, materials and equipment (29%)
  • Chemical-free washing/cleaning products (20%)

But when respondents were asked which of these features were actually used in their current office, none of them were found to be used even 50% of the time.

Also, 26% identified themselves as “very likely” to consider a job position if there is a recognizable effort by the employer to follow eco friendly office practices. Meanwhile, 24% answered “likely,” 15% “somewhat likely,” and only 3% answered “very UNlikely.”

Over half of the respondents said that they do not believe enough is done at their workplace to combat climate change with greener practices.

Office space integrators: is this an opportunity for selling energy management & analytics?

It is clear that US employees are aware of the fact that their offices aren’t as green as they could be. Likewise, when I wrote about packaging waste, many integrators were at least aware of the problem.

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This seems to indicate how important it is to set an example at your workplace for better, more sustainable eco friendly office practices. Can you help your corporate clients with energy management and analytics products?

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