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Honeywell and Signify Team Up to Deploy Integrated Lighting Solutions

Honeywell adds Signify’s lighting systems and software to its Healthy Buildings solutions to improve experience, productivity and well-being

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Honeywell and Signify recently announced “a strategic alliance to deploy integrated, smart lighting solutions for commercial buildings,” according to the joint announcement.


Together, the companies “aim to improve the occupant experience – focusing on productivity and well-being – and to reduce energy consumption,” the joint announcement said.


The collaboration “integrates Signify’s Interact connected lighting system and software, and its UV-C disinfection lighting, with Honeywell Building Management Systems and the Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management platform,” according to the joint announcement.


The combined offerings “will manage energy consumption while factoring in occupancy along with air quality indicators such as temperature and humidity,” the announcement said.

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Signify’s lighting solutions “will complement Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings air quality solutions beginning in early 2021, and can be controlled, measured and monitored via the Healthy Buildings dashboard to understand air and surface cleaning compliance and metrics.”


Signify offers additional elements to improve productivity and well-being. These elements include human-centric lighting, such as NatureConnect, and UV-C disinfection lighting.


Additionally, building owners and operators “will be able to better manage lighting systems and energy efficiency with smart LED lighting systems,” the joint announcement says.

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Why Honeywell and Signify Are Teaming Up

“Increasingly we see lighting systems playing a critical role in buildings to improve occupant comfort, well-being and productivity as well as to help meet energy savings goals,” said Vimal Kapur, president and CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies.


“We anticipate this trend will continue to grow. Our collaboration with Signify will allow us to enable our customers to implement integrated lighting solutions that help improve the occupant experience with customizable, personal lighting options that can be integrated into our Honeywell Forge and Building Management Systems platforms,” he said.


“There are known benefits of how lighting can improve occupant experience and well-being,” said Harsh Chitale, leader of Signify’s Digital Solutions. “Many of our customers expect our solutions to deliver value beyond the scope of lighting.


“We look forward to capitalizing on this collaboration with Honeywell to jointly develop products and systems that provide greater value to our customers. We aim to deliver end-user benefits to building occupants, such as increased well-being and productivity, while providing channel partners with products that are easier to commission and maintain,” said Chitale.