Retrofittable Luxium Lighting PR60 Turns Old Fixtures into Modern Lighting Solutions

Using the retrofit-friendly Luxium Lighting PR60 integrators can turn old PAR64 or PAR56 fixtures into modern LED stage lights.

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Retrofittable Luxium Lighting PR60 Turns Old Fixtures into Modern Lighting Solutions

The Luxium Lighting PR60 turns old lighting fixtures into new LED lighting solutions.

The newly announced Luxium Lighting PR60 can help integrators turn old PAR64 or PAR56 lighting fixtures into modern LED lighting solutions.

As the newest member of the company’s selection of adjustable-color stage lights the PR60 is capable of taking the place of old 500-watt bulbs, while using less than 100 watts.

Luxium Lighting explains the all-in-one LED module is designed to eliminate the need for gel filters and dimmer racks, while offering DMX control capabilities.

According to the company, through the installation of the PR60 users can employ more colors than if using traditional halogen bulbs, and through the use of the LED module, it is easy to emulate tunable white lighting that includes a range of 2500K to 6500K.

“Ever since we developed our unique LED engine we’ve been thinking about how to make a high-fidelity LED module that would be easy to install in traditional PAR64 stage lights,” notes Arlie Conner, founder and CEO, Luxium Lighting.

“We finally found a way to economically combine three of our RGBLW LED tiles with our advanced driver to keep the power load below 100 watts, while producing more lumens than a 500-watt halogen bulb as used in PAR64 and PAR56 cans.”

Luxium Lighting PR60 Adapts to Stage and Studio Environments

Some of the applications in which the PR60 supports, Luxium says that its latest lighting product can be used in stage applications that include theaters, churches, schools, auditoriums, clubs and showrooms.

Moreover, integrators can also install the Luxium Lighting PR60 into studio environments to offer those users a 2.7-pound retrofittable lighting module that produces more than 6,000 lumens in a narrow spot beam.

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The company also explains that for wider beam angles, users can add their choice of diffusion sheets in front of the LED module.

Additionally, some of the LED module’s other features include on-board dimming and wired or wireless DMX control for plug-and-play capabilities to help extend the life of old PAR cans at prices less than buying new fixtures.