Converge On Greatness — Premier Mounts’ Evolution of LED Mounting Solutions

Product Highlight – Convergent Series of LED Mounting Solutions

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When thinking about an LED video wall, the first things that come to mind are brightness, bold visuals, and captivating content. What people do not think of are the intricacies that come with creating these structures, especially when scale is involved. Pixel breakage, wall surface rigidity, and installation time are often overlooked and are problems that we strived to solve.

Video walls are only as good as the mounts that support them. Here at Premier Mounts, we bring LED video walls to life by continuously innovating and improving our products with a team of dedicated engineers and American made manufacturing. We are extremely happy to announce that our team is continuing to make an impact in the world of Pro A/V by introducing our Convergent series of LED mounting solutions.

Convergent is defined as “coming closer together, especially in characteristics or ideas.” In the design process, we took feedback from multiple points of view to create a design that helps our dealers and installers make the biggest impact on their customers and eventually, the patrons of these advanced visual systems. Identifying and solving problems starts by delivering a quality product that the industry will identify as the best solution on the market as we have done with some of our legacy mounts before.

The Convergent series is an adaption to an award-winning solution that Premier Mounts designed called the FWM. While the FWM was used in some of the biggest video wall projects currently in the world today, the Convergent eliminates many pain points that we discovered after converging with our valued customers. Instead of a frame design, the Convergent is broken into brackets that allow for more adaptability on the job site. When the job site is not exactly in ideal conditions, a bracket system can be fastened to adapt to the environment it is going in due to having more flexibility. This means that any venue, lobby, center, or district can incorporate LED displays into their existing or newly built architecture or existing architecture without hassle.

While installation safety and project installation time were one the forefront of product innovation, so was packaging and design. Our team knows that it is incredibly important for not only our integrator partners to take advantage of such an invigorating new solution, but our dealer partners and distributors should as well. Packaging has condensed from traditional oversized, heavy crates to smaller, inventoriable boxes that can be delivered typically in about 48 hours. A reduction on weight and packaging means that Convergent can be delivered to a job site and can be installed directly from box to wall to build video walls with unlimited scalability.

Another facet of the Convergent series that makes it a premier choice of our integrators is its modular design. Multiple arrays can be combined to create structures hundreds of feet high by hundreds of feet wide. Connection points have been engineered so that brackets fit together and eliminate any seams between LED cabinets. This is all due to our display manufacturer partners who we converged with to see the methods and objectives they wanted from a mounting partner.

In the overall application of the mounting solution, the Convergent series leaves a desirable impression from an aesthetics standpoint. With an overall depth of approximately 2” from the wall, the solution is almost ADA compliant pending the installation of cabinets supplied by the LED manufacturers. No matter what you are seeking to make a huge visual impression, the Convergent can make your whole project come together.

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