WhyReboot Paramount Is a Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount

The company says WhyReboot Paramount is the world’s finest universal Wi-Fi access point mount available for the connected environment.

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Watch a video on how to install WhyReboot Paramount.

“World’s finest” is quite a claim, but that’s what WhyReboot is saying about its WhyReboot Paramount universal Wi-Fi access point.

And if you don’t believe it, watch the video and judge for yourself.

WhyReboot, a provider of commercial-grade networks for advanced connected environments, says the Paramount is targeted as a universal Wi-Fi access point (AP) mount solution for the connected environment.

In a press release, WhyReboot maintains that the Paramount enables integrators to easily install nearly any size access point wherever it delivers best possible wireless coverage while maintaining the aesthetics of the home or commercial environment.

WhyReboot Paramount

WhyReboot Paramount

More from the WhyReboot Paramount press release:

The WhyReboot Paramount utilizes a unique, patent pending, ratcheting system that secures all shapes and sizes of access points inside the ceiling within just a couple of minutes.

The design also allows for servicing, upgrading or replacing an AP in under a minute without the scratches, dents or wear-and-tear associated with competitive AP mounts.

The adjustable bands that hold the AP securely in place are made from an advanced material that is stronger than steel by weight, and a tension spring on the back ensures that the AP will remain securely fastened over time regardless of jostling or vibration.

The magnetic cosmetic cover snaps firmly into place and can be painted or even textured to match the surrounding area and blend into the decor. There is a spacer included allowing smaller APs to be positioned with their antennas as close to the ceiling as possible to optimize performance.

Integrators will appreciate the tapered pass-through openings for category cables, preventing them from falling back into the ceiling or attic space during installation.

“Developed over two years to provide integration professionals with a premium solution, the Paramount will ensure best possible wireless coverage throughout any environment, an important aspect of modern living,” says WhyRebootpresident Bjørn Jensen.

“The design, engineering and manufacturing quality of the Paramount are unmatched by competitive solutions—not only is it the best AP mount on the market, it is also the most cost effective.”