8 Talent Retention and Recruitment Tactics Worth Trying

Published: November 8, 2016

#totaltechsummit @commintegrator as heard regarding employee retainment “…random acts of kindness. We even bought an employee a rifle.”

— Bruce Kaufmann (@HumanCircuit1) November 4, 2016

Here’s a glimpse at some of the retention and recruitment tactics discussed during the “Talent Acquisition and Retention” session at this year’s Total Tech Summit.

Evangelize Your Industry

NSCA’s Ignite program develops marketing material and intelligence for integrators to then take to STEM schools, technical high schools, colleges and job fairs, allowing them to act as boots on the ground in a battle to raise awareness of the AV integration industry and its career opportunities.

“We’re constantly looking for integrators who will partner with us to get that word out on the street,” Shinn said. “We don’t want to be the recruiter for the industry; we just want to make sure we’re providing tools.”

Follow InfoComm to Colleges

InfoComm, meanwhile, is focused on including AV industry-centric education in appropriate schools. The best example is Chicago’s Columbia College where panelist Caldera teaches a class on the basics of AV technology and the business of AV.

The curriculum Caldera helped develop for Columbia College, which was heavily influenced by InfoComm’s AV curriculum, acts as a nice template as InfoComm looks to expand the program.

“What we did with Columbia has served to be the foundation for what Infocomm is doing in reaching out to many schools,” Caldera said.

In-House Training Fosters Company Pride

Shinn turned the conversation to retention, in part, by cueing up Legato to discuss his firm’s concentrated focus on employee training. When it comes to recruitment, USIS prefers to look internally. That, he said, fosters retention since employees can see a roadmap for progression within the organization.

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