Commercial Integrator Expo Conference to Feature Business-Focused Sessions

Published: 2023-07-27

Commercial Integrator’s mission is, of course, to help integrators run their businesses better. And Commercial Integrator Expo Conference, likewise, plans to do exactly that. The conference, held as part of Commercial Integrator Expo (CIX23) in Denver in September, will be packed with business-enhancing content. In fact, there will be an entire day — Wednesday, September 6 — focused specifically on foundational business skills. Dubbed NSCA BizSkills Day, it’ll be a full agenda of education sessions that NSCA leadership created for maximum impact. Courses will center on building project management, finance, sales and operations skills, all of which directly impact integrator profitability.

NSCA BizSkills Day Course Offering

NSCA BizSkills Day, access to which is included in the full CIX23 conference pass, will feature all of the following:

  • #1: Integration Business Project Management Workshop: A hands-on workshop that requires attendees to explore each segment of the project lifecycle.
  • #2: Integration Business Finance Workshop: A hands-on workshop that allows attendees to dive into several aspects of integration-company-specific finance.
  • #3: Integration Business Sales Workshop: A hands-on workshop that empowers attendees to delve into several aspects of managing an integration customer relationship.
  • #4: Integration Business Operations Workshop: A hands-on workshop that requires attendees to examine several of the unique aspects of integration company operations.
  • #5: Integration Business Operations Class: An overview session that will help any integration company team member or leader with a role in operations understand how to overcome key obstacles.
  • #6: Integration Business Sales Class: An overview session that will help attendees understand the value of a customer relationship, outlining communication steps that will benefit anybody who touches the customer relationship.
  • #7: Integration Business Finance Class: An overview session that will provide insights into managing cash at the project level. It will help team members understand the fundamental impacts of balance sheets, income statements, cash-flow statements, etc.
  • #8: Integration Business Project Management Class: A class that will provide an overview of the project lifecycle and the impact that effective project management can have.

Of course, CIX23 attendees can also purchase NSCA BizSkills Day as a standalone program. Moreover, individual, a la carte sessions are available.

Commercial Integrator Expo Conference Program Offers More

Even apart from NSCA BizSkills Day, CIX23 will feature lots of actionable insights and beneficial programming to empower integrators to run better, more profitable businesses. Indeed, the rest of Commercial Integrator Expo Conference is also replete with sessions to pique the interest of growth-minded integration entrepreneurs.

The following are just a handful of sessions to consider registering for:

  • The Power of EOS: A Business Owner’s Journey to Success in the Commercial AV Industry: Jarrod Hillman, president of Hillman Audio Video, will present this course. Hillman, a seasoned and respected AV business owner, will delve into the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) in the audiovisual integration industry. The presentation will explore specific EOS tools that can optimize operations, enhance customer experience and streamline project management.
  • Understanding Profitability in Digital Signage: Jonathan Brawn, principal of Brawn Consulting, will present this course. Brawn, a well-known consultant and educator, will explore the problem of commoditization, identify the elements leading up to it and suggest ways to address the situation. Adding value will be a key concept, as will selling peripherals and services. Thus, integration businesses can pivot toward a “total solution sale.”
  • Understanding Personality Types for Increased Productivity and Success: Steve Greenblatt, president of Control Concepts, will present this course alongside Brittany DiCesare, who is client success manager with Control Concepts. This interactive session will utilize DISC personality profiles to demonstrate behavioral differences of the four main types of people. Moreover, the presenters will apply this knowledge to day-to-day business in the AV industry.

Check out the full Commercial Integrator Expo Conference program to review all courses and presentations offered.

Don’t Miss Out on Commercial Integrator Expo Conference

To ensure that you don’t miss out on all the business-enhancing learning that will be part of CIX23 and Commercial Integrator Expo Conference, register today! Classes are filling up fast. For more information about CIX23 and its conference program, check out the CIX23 homepage.

Finally, if you’d like to submit a thought-leadership article about how integrators can run their businesses better, please email me. I am, of course, reachable at I’d love to hear your pitch and feature you on our platform!

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