Control Concepts Champions Gender Diversity and Equity

Published: 2023-03-08

Within the AV industry, only 14% of the workforce is female, and the ratio of females holding technical roles is much smaller. However, there are several companies dedicated to empowering women and working to raise those numbers. Control Concepts happens to be one such organization.

The Fairfield, N.J.-based AV software development provider wishes to rise above and showcase not only its commitment but also its action to meet said commitment. Boasting a nearly 50% female-to-male ratio, with an almost 30% female-to-male ratio among the technical team, it is evident that Control Concepts’ commitment is genuine and deep seated, rather than being just a “nice-to-have” feature of the company. Indeed, Control Concepts’ commitment to equity is a strategic initiative that has helped the organization better serve the industry.

More Than a Buzzword

Gender equity is more than just a buzzword; it is a competitive advantage that is incredibly near and dear to Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts’ president and founder. He says, “There is no question that men and women inherently think differently and have varying strengths and weaknesses. It would be incredibly shortsighted of me as a leader to not put together a team that blends all the magic that a diverse team of women and men can bring to our business and clients.”

In Greenblatt’s opinion, in a technology industry where certifications and technical skills can be disproportionally valued, the importance of soft skills like critical thinking, organization, logical processing, communication, empathy, care, client-centric decision-making and emotional quotient (EQ) cannot be overlooked.


He explains, “At Control Concepts, these are some of our differentiators and they are amplified by our gender diversity! Successful businesses are built on strong foundations and an unwavering commitment to ideals.” For Greenblatt, this includes support for women and younger generations who will bring fresh ideas, a variety of new skills, challenge the status quo and prepare the industry as a whole to be successful into the future.

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Building A More Inclusive Culture

Indeed, Control Concepts has worked hard to create a culture that is supportive, inclusive and empowering for all employees, regardless of gender. Brittany DiCesare, client success manager at Control Concepts, expands on the mission to drive an inclusive culture and gender diversity in a male-dominated industry.  “Going against the industry norms allows us to approach the industry from a unique perspective with a unique set of skills and thought leadership. We’re able to go against the grain of our industry and encourage different approaches and ideas to an historically male-dominated industry,” she proclaims.

DiCesare emphasizes, “Women naturally bring a difference of thought and experience by virtue of being different. Instead of pushing against this difference, I believe our industry will see insurmountable strength when it embraces and leans into these differences, approaching them with a mindset of making us a stronger industry.”

In sum, at Control Concepts, both DiCesare and Greenblatt aim to continue their quest not only to serve the industry as it currently is but also to do all they can to move the industry forward to a better place.

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