Smaller, More Local Industry Events Have an Outsized Impact

Published: 2023-11-14

If you didn’t attend the Exertis Almo E4 Experience events held in your backyard this year, you missed out! I’ll say it flat out: I think the #E4Experience is the best regional show. And, no, this isn’t an ad! 

This event changed the game for me back in 2016. Now, I just want to help spread the word to as many people as I can because this event just keeps getting better and better. Vendor partnerships are growing alongside Exertis Almo’s own growth; this has led to larger and better show-floor experience over the years. And Exertis Almo’s own Tom Kehr — one of the best-known trainers in the industry — has been blazing the education track, complementing Gary Kayye’s buzzworthy keynotes. It’s as simple as this: Education, mixed with the latest technologies, plus a side of networking, makes for a perfect recipe! 

E4 Experience Events, Maximum Impact 

Every year, Exertis Almo hosts four E4 Experience events. Usually, there are two on the west coast and two on the east coast; sometimes, we end up somewhere in the middle, gathering in Texas or Illinois. Regardless of the destination, I’ve been blessed to travel with the team on each stop for the last two years. In 2022, the standout event was Chicago, which was the first show celebrating the official coming together of Exertis and Almo as one company. This year, my highlight was visiting the New York City metro area in September. 

I’m telling you: When we hit Teaneck, N.J., I was extremely excited. Maybe it was the hustle and bustle of NYC just across the bridge; maybe it was the attendees’ genuine happiness to have the E4 Experience back in their neck of the woods. I just know I wasn’t the only one feeling exhilaration! 

Alesia Exertis Almo E4 Experience event 1

Photo courtesy of Alesia Hendley.

Recently, I spoke with James Calandrillo, vice president of sales, northeast and national business team, Exertis Almo. During our chat, he expressed the same sentiments. “It was so exciting to have E4 back in the New York metro area for the first time since the pandemic,” Calandrillo said. “It was a huge step toward this region once again being the pioneer and focal point for the progress in delivering some great technology and the overall AV experience.” He is bullish on more companies bringing teams back to work in the northeast region, and he hopes that technology-focused events are a tremendous benefit to that effort. Calandrillo also reflected on the show’s heritage, saying, “This location has some great history, as it is the location of our very first E4 back in 2010.” 

The event in Teaneck was a full-circle moment for many of the team members onsite. And I, too — as a multimedia journalist who has been to each stop over the last two years — felt incredibly fortunate. But the partners are the biggest reason that the E4 Experience has gained traction over the years. Ultimately, I’ve found that partnership, education and technology lie at the foundation of the experience. 

“There is no E4 Experience without our value-added partners,” Calandrillo expressed. “It is the only opportunity that partners within the New York metro region get to attend an event [like this]. From the education to the engagement, E4 focuses on what the partners are looking for currently and [helps] prepare them for what the future holds.” He added that these events can also build a groundswell of demand for exciting new technologies. According to Calandrillo, “All the local manufacturer sales reps are in attendance, and some bring their end-user-focused reps that are out creating that demand generation.” He adds that demand generation is something organizers actively support. “We encourage our value-added partners to bring their end-user customers along to the show,” Calandrillo remarks. “This provides them with the best opportunity for that universal showroom and local support they rarely get to experience all in one place.” 

One of the reasons that I, as a multimedia journalist covering the industry, love the E4 Experience is that it provides value for everyone. By traveling across the country, it meets you where you are — and it provides a wealth of knowledge and opportunity for free. This is why I will continue to attend event after event, and it’s why I think #avtweeps should consider it a “must attend.” 

AV industry events can break barriers and change the game for so many people — including and especially me. So, stay tuned for the 2024 E4 Experience dates. I want to see you all when the experience rolls into your city! 

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