IVCi Collaboration Assurance Program (IVCi CAP) Secures ROI, Delivers Recurring Revenue

Published: February 16, 2018
IVCi Collaboration Assurance Program offers a portfolio of Day 2 services related to video collaboration, offering protection from common problems that might threaten the success of the rollout.

[related]The IVCi Collaboration Program (IVCi CAP) is interesting because it addresses a couple of pressing challenges:

As customers increasingly adopt video collaboration to support their evolving work environments, they sometimes don’t plan for getting employees up to speed and fully adopting their new content sharing, conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Meanwhile, integration firms, the ones selling the video collaboration solutions, struggle with transitioning to more service-oriented revenue models — in other words, they don’t know what managed services to offer.

The beauty of integration firm IVCi’s IVCi CAP is that it addresses both, offering ROI for customers and recurring revenue for integration firms.

  • IVCi CAP offers what the company calls a portfolio of Day 2 services related to video collaboration, offering protection from common problems that might threaten the success of the rollout. Through IVCi CAP customers can design a structured program with offerings from four areas of concentration, each linked together to support the customers investment and deliver ROI.
  • IVCi Adoption Services – Includes training end users on how to use their new solutions
  • IVCi Collaborative Customer Support – Essentially, helpdesk support for customers’ video collaboration IVCi Metrics and Analytics Service – Basically, helps customers keep track and measure their ROI
  • IVCI Maintenance & Support – Focuses on ensuring the ongoing health and performance of the video collaboration solution
  • IVCi CAP helps customers “leverage essential strategies from a single, proven expert, providing assurance that their collaboration investment is fully protected at all times for maximum ROI,” says Tim Hennen, president of sales and engineering, IVCi.

“When an organization makes a large investment in collaboration technology, it should seriously evaluate whether or not it has the staff to  deliver the services needed to support the solution’s success. IVCi CAP fills in the gaps where they’re needed to secure positive results.”

More on IVCi CAP

According to an IVCi press release, IVCi CAP is designed to overcome common video collaboration deployment challenges such as:

  • Employee resistance to new collaboration solutions
  • Lack of effective training and anytime support
  • Inability to measure the effectiveness of a solution
  • Lack of expertise in managing meetings
  • Lost productivity due to unexpected technology problems.

“When a new collaboration platform (such as Cisco Spark, WebEx, Skype for Business, or Zoom) is launched to all employees across a large organization, they often struggle and have an immediate need for operational support,” says Curtis Heath, chief operation officer, IVCi.

“The volume of these calls can overwhelm the IT department of any business. That’s where IVCi CAP steps in. Our Call Center, a strategic service available within our Collaborative Customer Support segment, is designed to uniquely tackle this challenge and more, giving end-users the assistance they need while strengthening usage and adoption.”

For more information about IVCi CAP, click here

Brochure on IVCi Collaboration Assurance Program (IVCi CAP)

Download whitepaper on IVCI Collaboration Assurance Program here. 


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