Learn About How LG Helped Transform The Learning Experience At This Georgia Museum

Published: December 21, 2020

Have you ever walked into a museum, theater, corporate lobby or other building and been in awe of a massive video wall displaying immersive, captivating content?

Especially as these spaces begin to reopen and strive to attract visitors, LED video walls and digital display technologies will become critically important. People will need an incentive to leave their homes where they already have access to technologies like 4K, QLED, multitudes of streaming services and endless entertainment.

The Tellus Science Museum in Georgia is one recent example of such technology. Working with LG Business Solutions a local integration firm, the museum installed a massive video wall at the center of the facility that has already become a major attraction for the museum’s school-age customers.

This new download “Georgia’s Tellus Science Museum Wows Guests” walks you through how LG worked with a local integration firm to install eye-catching, vibrant webOS-based digital displays. Download this resource to learn about:

  • How LG and partners helped upgrade the museum’s digital technology
  • Strategies for planning and managing content
  • Tips for creating lost-cost digital display solutions with high impact

Download your copy today to learn about this project and how you can bring immersive digital display technologies to your customers

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