Trendsetting Digital Signage You’ll See on the DSE 2016 Show Floor

Published: 2016-03-16

As the industry’s largest professional AV and electronics systems tradeshow, this year’s ISE 2016 show was one for the books. Attendance rose 10 percent from 2015 to 65,000 attendees, and the show stretched from three to four days, with the old guard as well as up-and-coming companies from China, Europe and Asia-Pacific showcasing their products.

But the show numbers aren’t the real story—that was the show floor, where new and exciting solutions and technologies were showcased. Read on for some of the cutting-edge technologies and industry trends seen at ISE 2016.


There was a heavy focus on LED at ISE 2016. New displays had pixel pitches down to 1.2 millimeters – even sub-one-millimeter-pixel-pitch indoor direct view LED video walls. Some vendors showcased LEDs with front-serviceable panels—a dramatic enhancement over previous indoor solutions. In the past, large LED displays would need to be built out into a room two or three feet so that people could get behind them to service them; now they’re designed for easier servicing and maintenance.

OLED was another key technology on display at the show, with new uses for flat OLED as well as touch, curved, transparent and even oddly shaped displays. In the past, OLED could be compared with a show car—something that looked great, but wasn’t much in use—but this has truly turned the corner, with many companies at ISE showing real-life applications for OLED.

Also noted was a much larger focus on laser projectors over lamp projectors as projection mapping in general continues to increase in use. Every projector company at the show displayed multiple uses of projecting, and leaders in the laser space pushed the use cases to the extreme. Projection mapping solutions wowed attendees by showing them what truly can be done with this technology.

Last year, holographic displays were considered disruptive technology; now, they are deployed technology. A retail store can blend content with physical products by using holographs to create head-turning end caps or displays. This year’s holographic solutions were cleaner and crisper, with even more examples of real-life uses.

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Kiosks of every kind were noted, with a new emphasis on brightly colored frames and curved displays. Also seen were outdoor solutions and even back-to-back sub-one-inch kiosks.

Touch tables were big at this year’s show, including multi-touch and 4K, and they could start showing up in bars and restaurants as early as next year as an interactive form of guest entertainment.

Manufacturers really went for the “wow” factor at ISE 2016. For example, one company showcased extremely large 4K displays mounted and displayed on robotic arms. As the arms moved, the content on the displays changed to synchronize with the movement. This created a truly eye-catching solution and stopped passersby in their tracks.


Connectivity and collaboration were buzzwords at ISE 2016, with more tools helping to meld the challenging natures of some technologies with real use cases. Display solutions now can be integrated with other smart technologies to connect everything we touch on a daily basis. For example, kiosks and mobile devices can be connected to digital signage, adding in camera-based and proximity-based analytics as well as RFID sensors and beacons to enhance advertising and way-finding capabilities.

This year at ISE, we saw more complete solutions, such as marrying control room capabilities with video wall processing, which drives more ideation for the industry as it moves away from simply putting products on a wall. As displays get larger and more technologically advanced, video in motion and curved displays are new ways to capture attention and draw the eye. Transparent displays as well as outdoor waterproof displays were seen on the show floor and will continue to expand in use.

We saw the introduction of HDR and Quantum Dots technology on the show floor as well. In 2015, this technology was hidden behind closed doors, but this year, it was finally out in the open for attendees to see the benefits and compare with other technologies already readily available. 

Google Android and Chrome integrated computing solutions are becoming more popular and will continue to grow across the industry. From integrated Android devices to full support for Google Chrome, there was a noticeable shift away from a completely Windows-centric integration. 

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There was a major focus on immersive experiences this year at ISE. Immersive experiences using digital displays and other technologies could help to change the game for brick-and-mortar stores, which can leverage the physical presence of a customer in a store. One company utilized a projection mapping application that projected snow falling over three-dimensional polar bear statues, creating a winter wonderland that could only be experienced in person.

As in previous years, interactive solutions were everywhere; from displays, to pens, to cameras, we found interactivity abundant. Providing new levels of customer engagement by syncing content with displays and adding interactivity can help physical stores compete against online retailers. One interactive example seen at ISE 2016 was an LED floor; when someone moved across the floor, the movement was reflected on a large video wall. Another company utilized multinational touch solutions, showcasing new and exciting ways to interact with content and consumers.

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Each year, DSE showcases products that demonstrate real-life integration of solutions, and this year should be no different. We’ll see a lot of products that are not just for the future, but can be deployed now, such as kiosks, projection mapping, 4K solutions and outdoor displays.

Expect to see lots of new applications and use cases for OLED, which will change the way people look at display technology. LED will continue to be a big player, with more and more companies adding to the already crowded selection of LED displays on the market.

Immersive experiences will rule the floor at DSE, with exciting new ways to pair content with visual technologies. There will be a larger focus on analytics and biometrics as well as integration of mobile technology for more complete solutions.

Don’t be surprised if some companies unveil some top-secret technologies that before may have been under non-disclosure agreements.

We may see some augmented reality/virtual reality solutions tied into display technologies, as well as more integration with Android and Google Chrome. A heavy focus on mobile is expected.

DSE 2016 promises to be a great show with lots of surprising new technologies, and I’m looking forward to seeing what display manufacturers will roll out for us.

There are many chances to hear more about technologies at my sessions during the show:

And don’t forget to stop by Booth 2210 to see all of the new technologies that NEC Display will be showcasing. See you in Vegas!

Richard Ventura is vice president of business development and solutions for NEC Display Solutions.  He can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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