Webcasting,Twitter Helps Global Education Charity ‘Prepare for Better World’

Published: 2016-11-03

The means through which “face-to-face” education is achieved have drastically changed thanks to technology and its ever-growing capabilities.

The Global Education Charity (GEC) was looking to engage scholastic communities worldwide in discussion and debate for its “Preparing for a Better World” live debate, and ultimately accelerate education and its systems through telepresence technology.

With public participation from people around the world, GEC knew this technology needed to be easily accessible for all – regardless of device or location – in order to maximize interoperability and minimize compatibility issues.

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Partnering with Yorktel, the global education charity was able to connect participants from New York, London, Cairo, and Bengaluru and stream to a worldwide audience from various global locations such as London, Paris, Budapest, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Virginia, Toronto, Glasgow, Sao Paulo, Libya, and Seoul.

“In the early days of our debates, the teleconferencing technology was a distraction and difficult to configure,” says the GEC’s COO.


Social Media Plays Big Role

Audience members watching the live stream took to social media platforms like Twitter to engage the panelists directly with questions.

Using event specific hashtags, the audience extended the debate’s inherent collaboration to followers worldwide.

Over the course of the 2-hour event, more than 130 tweets not only helped influence the discussion, but also allowed it to spread across the globe, attracting engagement from people in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Egypt, India, Lebanon, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, and Zimbabwe.

These 130+ tweets elicited more than 600 reactions.

Learn more about how the GEC was able to affect global education reform, creating a collaborative and interactive experience through webcasting, streaming video communications and social media here.

Dave Tidler is a digital communications architect for Yorktel‘s Advanced Services division.

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