Why NSCA BLC: Be Part of the Conversation

Published: February 23, 2015

It’s difficult to imagine an integration industry event in which more market and company decision makers are in one room at that same time, as when it happens repeatedly during NSCA‘s Business & Leadership Conference.

The 17th annual event, which takes place February 26-28 in Tampa, Fla., is expected to be the largest BLC with 300-plus attendees. Here, we shed some light on some of the faces in a crowd full of thought-leaders, and why each one is attending this event.

Brad Walsh, president and COO of Beacon Communications

Englewood, Colorado

Why is it worth your time to attend BLC?

There are a number of companies in attendance each year that closely relate to us and how we do business. This provides an excellent venue for sharing challenges and successes with other organizations that operate in a similar fashion.

Additionally, the BLC has proven to me that it truly is a “let your guard down” atmosphere and folks are eager to share their experiences in business.

When you get back to your office after BLC, what will determine if it was a successful event for you and your company?

After my first year attending, I wanted to come back and try so many new things. I spent the entire flight home on my laptop, wading through my notes. It was almost overwhelming.

What’s important to remember is that you probably won’t use every idea you pick up at the BLC, and you more than likely won’t meet everyone in attendance. With so many brilliant minds and successful businesses in attendance, taking away just one great idea and forging one new relationship will make it worth the trip.

What’s a topic that you’d like to see the industry focus on more?

I’ve been a part of more conversations recently regarding the changes our industry is experiencing with our employees. I’ve been in the industry for 19 years now and I’m no longer the new guy (nor the young guy).

The topical question I’m referring to is how do we continue to separate ourselves from our competition in being the most attractive company to work with? Here at Beacon I truly feel our team is as good as it gets, but what new ideas can help us continue to take care of these great people?

What’s one “fun fact” about you personally that could lead to some interesting conversations over cocktails at BLC?

I’ve become a true mountain man here in Colorado over the last three years. I traded SEC football for the Broncos, buttermilk biscuits for green chili, and my Chevy Sil-verado for a Jeep Rubicon. You never know what life will throw at you, and just have to learn to enjoy the ride!

Are you on Twitter?

Only on Instagram and Facebook as my Twitter account was recently hacked.

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