4 Emerging AV Trends in Higher Ed Technology

Why do classrooms still look the same, despite plenty of AV advances? Here are some higher ed technology trends emerging at universities right now.

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4 Emerging AV Trends in Higher Ed Technology

I often find myself wondering, despite all of the disruptive higher ed technology that we have amassed, why today’s university classroom or lecture hall looks so much like the ones from when I went to school…

It is no secret that education suffers a bit from bureaucracy, and this slows down the adoption of new tech, not to mention constant budget constraints at all but the most well-endowed universities.

No matter what the limitations are, disruptive technology is going to find its way into the University with each and every passing year. So what are the hot trends for the next couple of years? Here are my thoughts on higher ed technology trends:

AR for Learning

AR is a useful technology for layering interactivity between a visual and the learner. For instance, being able to use an app to hover over foreign language and get an instant translation.

This could also be done to add labels to an anatomy visual or parts to a mechanical diagram.

VR for Visiting

I’m seeing an uptick in schools using Google Cardboard or Gear VR and VR apps to allow students to remotely tour their campus.

While the visits are hardly as good as going live, these VR based visits do help the students get a decent feel for a campus without setting foot. This is especially good when looking to visit schools that are more than a drive from home.

3D Visualization for Simulation

Much like AR, 3D has been slower to take off, but it has made waves in specific areas like medicine. Dassault Systems has what is called the Living Heart Project that uses 3D simulation so doctors can manipulate the human heart through technology but this can also be done by students learning about the heart.

Couple this with Digital Twin technology and now we aren’t only simulating, but we are able to master procedures and test innovative medical hypothesis without cadavers or unnecessary patient risk.

Personalized Learning

Big Data and Analytics have a big opportunity to change the way we learn. Teachers simply cannot personalize learning for each student, but the use of technology could eliminate their need to.

Student records are limited by much less red tape, but a student’s entire learning history from primary school on could be digitalized to help teachers customize a learning strategy to make sure the student gets the most out of every class.

Data could suggest how the student best learns, their limitations and their untapped capabilities.

Data and analytics will empower this, and it will immediately require growth in technology infrastructure to support the opportunities that personalized learning will create.

Our new guide to education technology was created by Alan C. Brawn – CTS, DSCE, DSDE, DSNE, DCME, ISF, ISF-C. Check out this free resource here.

So, these are the higher ed technology trends that I believe will disrupt AV and higher education at the same time. Some of these will have massive impacts on schools this year while others will continue to slowly impact them in the next few years.

Either way, I’m always interested in knowing which trends you are seeing. Do you think I’m right or wrong? Leave your comments and let’s get a conversation going on the future of AV in higher education.

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