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Crestron Control System from Veraview Lets Curtiss Hotel Guests Control Everything in One Touch

Curtiss Hotel guests can expect room environmental controls, concierge services at their fingertips & more with an all-encompassing Crestron Control System.

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Crestron Control System from Veraview Lets Curtiss Hotel Guests Control Everything in One Touch

The Curtiss Hotel is redefining downtown elegance in upstate New York — with a Crestron Control System designed by Veraview.

This five-star boutique hotel in Buffalo is built inside the newly renovated Harlow C. Curtiss building, a community and historical landmark.

The hotel features 68 ultra-luxurious rooms, the Chez Ami, an upscale restaurant, VUE rooftop lounge, and a variety of chic amenities that seamlessly come together to provide guests with a sophisticated vacation experience.

While the building exterior has been preserved and restored, the interior has been completely renovated and outfitted with stylish furniture and décor—and now features a full-throttle Crestron control system.

One-Touch Control of Everything

Crestron control system technology serves as the AV, lighting, climate and shading control backbone throughout the Curtiss Hotel.

A stylish Crestron TSW touchscreen in each room, incorporating a custom interface, gives guests simple, complete one-touch control of their environment, plus direct access to all guest services, hotel directory, and valet.

“Guests love having the ability to request their cars as they prepare to check out so it’s ready and waiting for them. Guests also appreciate the ability to request hotel services without the help of another person, ensuring quick and accurate service every time,” reports Ron Epstein, Crestron PR manager.

Wall mounted just outside each guest room, Crestron touchscreens indicate whether rooms are occupied, vacant, in need of maid services, and more. This allows the staff to easily provide guests with the optimal service, eliminates extra steps, and maximizes efficiency.

Because of the hotel’s historic landmark status, management couldn’t affix permanent signage on the exterior of the building to promote events, Epstein explains.

However, Veraview, LLC was able to find a creative alternative for the hotel: integrate a projector with the Crestron CP3 control system to project content onto the building itself, controllable from a centralized location in the hotel.

During the initial planning stages, hotel management wanted to incorporate cutting-edge automation technology that provided guests an out-of-the-box, luxurious experience without overwhelming or intimidating them.

Thanks to the collaboration between integration firm and manufacturer partner, the Curtiss Hotel stakeholders were able to successfully fulfill their goal and provide an intuitive, sophisticated, and welcoming environment for all guests.