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A New Market for AV Integrators? Funeral Planning Goes High-Tech

FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan displays details regarding funeral, wake and shivas, plus where to send contributions and meals to send mourners.

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A New Market for AV Integrators? Funeral Planning Goes High-Tech

There’s nothing easy when it comes to saying goodbye to loved ones, whether it’s planning the funeral and shiva services or figuring out how to celebrate the person’s life appropriately or even dealing with the loss once the adrenalin of the moment wears off and reality sets in.

At least one company, though, is trying to streamline the process, including setting up personalized pages about the deceased, information about services and instructions about where to send contributions in the person’s honor and what meals to send mourners. and announced this week that its FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan is now integrated into its Viewneral Platform.

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Vieweneral is “a complete end-of-life service that includes pre-planning new business seminars, online funeral arrangements, virtual funeral services, virtual shiva and memorial gatherings, and online unveilings and dedications,” according to the company announcement.

Perhaps with other more traditional markets struggling to regain their momentum during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, AV integrators should explore how to get involved in the funeral and shiva business, especially at a time when traditional large gatherings are discouraged.

More About FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan and “offer the only complete virtual platform for funeral homes and cemeteries that help increase business, but also dramatically enhance the experience for their families and supporters,” said CEO Michael Schimmel.

“Our FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan make supporting a loved one easier by having all the information in one place and having the ability to click and attend a funeral or gathering, contribute to a funeral,  or purchase an appropriate sympathy basket,” he said.

“Having these programs integrated into the Viewneral Platform makes it even more convenient,” said Schimmel.

FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan are personalized pages that display all of the details regarding a funeral, wake, shiva, memorial and gathering along with the mourning family’s grief and aftercare wishes such as contributions, meals and commemorations.

The FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan can be sent to family, friends and colleagues.

FuneralPlan and ShivaPlan features include:

  • Details of a funeral, wake, memorial, shiva gathering and aftercare wishes such as contributions, meals, sympathy baskets and commemoration gifts;
  • Contribution collection through a secure payment system, a single resource that streamlines the collection of funds for catering, meals and memorial tree planting;
  • Access to an or concierge who can assist the family or coordinator with catering, food or family meals;
  • Same-day, hand-delivered platters and meals along with an assortment of premium sympathy flowers, food baskets and commemorative products;
  • The mourning family receives a complete list of all individuals who have contributed, together with their personal messages and return address; and more.

Further helping families and their supporters, and offer complimentary access to educational guidance about religious and cultural customs, verbal and written condolence messages, and curated sympathy and commemorative meals and gifts.

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