Camplex Is Showing Fiberoptic Cabling at InfoComm 2019: How Well Do Know You Them?

Many InfoComm 2019 attendees might not be familiar with fiberoptic cabling provider Camplex, but Dan Coscarella tells us what we need to know.

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Dan Coscarella, product coordinator/brand sales manager, Camplex, talks about the company and InfoComm 2019.

Fiberoptic cabling is a category that is likely to grab a little more attention at InfoComm 2019 than it did in years past. That’s because integration firms are increasingly turning to fiber as a solution for high-bandwidth connectivity needs on their AV projects. However, many of these integrators might not have heard of Camplex.

The fiberoptic cabling provider that targets both the AV and broadcast industries is a division of Tower Products Incorporated. During InfoComm 2019 it’s exhibiting at booth No. 2923 with sister brand TecNec Distributing.

Dan Coscarella, product coordinator/brand sales manager, took some time to share information about Camplex’s roots, product development strategies and what it has in store for InfoComm 2019. Below are some excerpts. Watch the video above for the full interview with Coscarella.

On what separates Camplex from other fiberoptic cabling providers:

Camplex has been around for a couple of years now. We’ve really mastered what we believe is the fiber-optics for ProAV and broadcast. That starts with understanding the customer needs in the field, building their confidence in the simplicity of the products but also uniquely understanding it and delivering products that fit, that they work the application specifically.

On what it’s like to work with Camplex:

We do a lot of design and build consults with customers who [for instance migh] need to send HDMI from point A to point B or starting just at the beginning. We may look at the type of signal format that they’re using, not just the fiber cable. Look at the hardware they might be using and understanding the applications. You might need RISE or a Plenum. You might need tactical. You might need something more rugged.

Through that analysis, we can, from the customer’s perspective, understand what they need and quote the most appropriate product

On Camplex’s plans for InfoComm 2019:

We can at InfoComm bring up the knowledge of our customers and build their confidence and be a resource for them in that journey. We’re confident that we can move forward together and grow the industry and build confidence in them so when they’re selling to their customers, there’s a higher level of confidence too. A confident salesperson delivers more business. We want to pass that knowledge on through the layers of our market.