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Talking To IT Directors About the Networked AV Systems You Sell Them: 3 Tips

Networked AV systems are often difficult for integrators to pitch to IT departments. Here are a few ways to overcome that challenge.

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Many AV installers struggle to convince IT directors that their solution is the right one for the job — mostly due to the fact that many installers still sometimes fail to communicate in a way that would win over such a client.

Things like having a security protocol ready and waiting for any type of proposed project, to hiring network-minded sales representatives, to knowing that an IT director isn’t likely too concerned with impressive technical specs as they are about security and efficiency are key to having better discussions.

But those aren’t the only things that savvy integrators should do to win over clients in the IT department.

Transparency: It’s Your New Mantra

“When approaching IT directors, integrators need to be completely open and transparent with what they’re intending to do,” says Eric Olson, Business Development Manager, Almo Pro A/V.

Showing that you know the potential consequences of a hacked network device — even in its worst-case scenario — is enough to at least start to build credibility for yourself in the eyes of an IT client.

Riding Parallel

Is there a way to build your networked AV systems on a parallel network? When at all possible, it’s wise to suggest this.

While you’re presenting yet another network to manage — something understandably nerve-wracking to do with an already-busy client — you’re also presenting a security best practice which presents far less risk.

This lets the end user decide which is best for them and their organization.

What to Capture and What to Keep Separate

“The data that you do not want to co-mingle with is usually personal info, patient info, financial info, etc. But the data integrators CAN capture — and what is driving a big demand — is asset monitoring, or the actual AV data itself, which gives them an idea of how their new systems are actually running.”

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By providing your clients with data about your systems, you’re basically giving your business a giant stamp that says “WORTH THE MONEY!” (provided your system is competently installed and actually solves your client’s key problems).

Staying Competitive with These Clients

“This is the time where you can align yourself with a vendor or a technology partner that’s done all the vetting in terms of IT security,” says Olson.

“There’s going to be a narrowing of the field when it comes to security and infrastructure flexibility when it comes to AV over IP products, so you should choose someone who is already at the cutting edge of that product category.”

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