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Why Build IoT into Digital Signage? 3 Questions with L Squared

L Squared builds IoT directly into digital signage. Today on CI 3 Questions, we sit down with them to find out why integrators should pay attention.

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IoT is more conducive to digital signage than you may imagine. We sat down with Brent Nacu, director of sales at L Squared, to learn why integrators should consider it.

Commercial Integrator: L Squared provides signage solutions based around IoT Tech — what exactly does that mean?

Brent Nacu: All of society is going to be interconnected through the items we have in our lives.

A business example: a small fleet of dump trucks in Atlanta have GPS trackers can layer an IoT solution to allow you to find optimal truck routes, fuel efficiency, and monitor optimal traffic patterns.

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We are able to provide customers with an unlimited feature setting.

CI: Why are things like security, scalability, and consistent updates important?

BN: We work with existing integrators who have relationships with CTOs, CIOs, and IT Directors. We need to give them guaranteed end-to-end encryption, web access filtering, scalability, and other concerns their clients have.

CI: You’ve partnered with companies like Microsoft and Intel. Why is that important for integrators & their clients?

BN: The number one thing is these tech giants have spent billions in this space. We developed a partner ecosystem with them: having that in place lets integrators’ customers make their decisions more efficiently.

To learn more about L Squared, visit their website and watch the video above.

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