10 Standout Display Technologies Introduced in 2016

Published: December 13, 2016

Just when you think video and display technologies can’t get anymore advanced, companies like LG and SiliconCore release new visually stunning display solutions that boast images that are somehow brighter and more crisp than the innovations before them.

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In addition to displays, new projection technologies also made their mark on the industry in 2016, from Christie’s Q Series and Boxer Model projectors to Vivitek’s DU8090Z Laser Projector.

These innovations boast features like improved warping and blending to enable more installation freedom performance and imagery, 2K resolution and 20K, 25K and 30K center lumens, to name few.

The following 10 display technologies certainly don’t represent all of the innovative video technology that hit the market in 2016, but they are noteworthy due to their impressive capabilities.

Check out 10 Standout Display Technologies Introduced in 2016 by clicking here, and feel free to share your feedback on what you think was the most impressive display technology from this year.

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