Get to Know Your Customer’s Network with These 3 Essential Tips

Published: December 12, 2016

When it comes to installing AV systems, a lot has changed in the recent years.

AV systems are no longer being delivered as standalone systems. Now, they’re becoming completely dependent on IT networking.

With this rapid transformation, it’s more important than ever for integrators to begin digging into the IT side of things, and it starts with getting to know clients’ networks.

If a client’s network isn’t prepared for the AV integrator, challenges and difficulties will undoubtedly arise.

Consider the following tips to get a head start on understanding your clients’ networks before AV installs occur:

1) Do Your Research

Before talking to your client’s IT manager, find out if they have provided any information regarding the network. Then, come in with a list of questions.

2) Have a Productive Conversation

You want to be efficient and productive in your conversations with your client’s IT department. Be sure you know the roles of each person in the discussion, and make sure everyone who needs to be involved in the conversation is involved in the conversation.

3) Know the Physical Geography of the Customer’s Network

Is your customer’s data center located off site? Will all of the equipment you’re installing be on site? Will there be a cloud-based portion to this equipment? Are you installing on an existing network? These are just a few of the many questions you’ll need to ask a customer’s IT department before installing AV equipment.

Watch the video below to hear Dan Helfrick from Z-Band, Mark L. Peterson from Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC and Joseph Arena from Yorktel elaborate on these tips.

Learn more from Dan, Mark and Joseph in the webinar below.

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