4 Ways Dante Domain Manager Makes IT Directors’ Lives Easier

Published: 2017-04-21

When Audinate announced its Dante Domain Manager at Integrated Systems Europe 2017 the spin was that the network management solution would make it easier for organization’s IT departments to deal with AV technologies.

Managing AV is an unnatural concept for many (at least, some) IT professionals, so Audinate is saying that its Dante Domain Manager puts AV management in IT terms.

[related] Audinate, the developer of the Dante audio networking platform, compares the Doman Manager concept to the use of network domains by the IT industry aimed at differentiating and managing multiple private networks within the same infrastructure.

According to Audinate VP of marketing Josh Rush, there are several ways in which Dante Domain Manager will simplify IT professionals’ jobs. Let’s explore a few examples:


On Dante Domain Manager’s Security Features

Boasting robust user authentication and role assignment, IT departments can make sure that only the right people can operate or alter a system. As such, IT administrators can assign users per domain for independent control of each zone or location.

Dante Domain Manager was developed based on input from the field, Rush says, acknowledging that the feedback often had to do with network security.

“We’d hear, ‘Dante is great, but it just needs to do X or Y,’” he recalls. “One of them is security. That’s an interesting topic to get into because in the early days for Dante to be successful [we felt] it’s got to be drop-dead simple to use. You can’t have people coming in and needing a programming class to be able to run and set it up.

“The whole design was plug-and-play.You literally plug it in, the device pops up, and you’re able to route audio between it, so you can get it going in literally a matter of seconds.

“The flips side of that is, when it’s that easy to use, in certain verticals, they don’t want it to be that open. We don’t want that.”

Learn how to create a domain here:

On Ease of Adding Users

IT professionals can assign users one of four roles – site administrator, domain administrator, operator or guest – each with different privileges.

Changing user rights is easy for IT professionals by just logging into Dante Domain and tweaking the settings.

Learn how to add users here:


On Adding Devices to the Network

For the most part, Dante Domain will automatically discover devices on the network and puts them in an ad hoc category. IT administrators can enroll those ad hoc devices by dragging and dropping them into a domain.

Devices that aren’t automatically discovered can be enrolled using their IP addresses.

Learn how to enroll devices here:

On Dante Domain Manager’s User Interface:

Audinate takes price in Dante Domain Manager’s user interface, Rush says, calling it a “network design feature.”

IT administrators can see a range of real-time system-related information as well as server status, domain status and utilization data. There are obviously alerts related to system issues and breakdowns.

Meanwhile, IT professionals can move widgets around to customize the dashboard based on their needs.

Learn how more about Dante Domain Manager’s dashboard here:

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