Absen & Revel Media Group Seal Sports Market Deal

Published: October 12, 2023
Image courtesy of Absen.

Absen, the global LED display technology provider, has formed a strategic collaboration with Revel Media Group. The latter is a prominent player in innovative marketing initiatives. According to a statement, the partnership is set to transform the sports market by bringing forth marketing opportunities and a fresh wave of LED innovations.

Under this alliance, Revel Media Group and Absen will champion each other’s products and services, with a specific focus on elevating the presence of Absen’s LED display products within professional, minor league and Division I and II college sporting venues. Absen says the collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of sporting events, enhancing fan experiences and providing new avenues for engagement.

One key aspect of this partnership is the commitment to transparency. While Absen value-added partners (VAPs) and customers maintain the freedom to engage with other sports venues, Absen is required to notify and ensure that their VAPs and customers are well-informed about this exclusive partnership. This dedication to open communication ensures the mutual success of our endeavors and strengthens the bonds between our organizations, says Absen.

Joining forces, Revel Media Group and Absen are set to usher in an era of innovation and excellence in the sports market. Absen says to keep an eye out for groundbreaking marketing initiatives and LED opportunities that will revolutionize the industry.

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