ACT Entertainment Acquires tvONE, Furthering its AV Reach

Published: December 5, 2023
Image courtesy of ACT Entertainment.

ACT Entertainment acquired tvONE, a prominent video processing, signal distribution and media playback solutions company, this week. Among tvONE’s brands is the Green Hippo line of media servers and digital display products. The Cincinnati, Ohio-based company acquired the line in 2018. The just-announced acquisition, meanwhile, is a reflection of ACT Entertainment’s continually expanding reach in the AV technology sector.

ACT Entertainment acquiring tvONE marks the company’s first foray into video equipment. The company is, of course, known as a manufacturer and distributor of products to the entertainment industry. Since 2017, the company’s acquisition activity has been considerable. RapcoHorizon, AC Power Distribution and other industry-leading brands now fall under the ACT Entertainment banner.

Ben Saltzman Expresses Excitement about Acquisition

Ben Saltzman, CEO of ACT Entertainment, expresses excitement to announce the acquisition of tvONE. The move, he says, “…continues to build on ACT’s mission of providing tools to help our customers realize their creative vision.” Saltzman continues, “tvONE is known for its exciting, cutting-edge product lines, and we know our customers will be pleased to have access to them to provide more efficient end-to-end solutions for their projects.” He adds that it has been a pleasure to get to know tvONE executives David Reynaga and Andy Fliss. “I look forward to working alongside the fantastic teams they’ve built,” Saltzman adds.

tvONE brings more than 35 years’ experience in the AV industry. In fact, the media announcement notes, the company has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions. Indeed, according to the announcement, tvONE delivers outstanding experiences; manufactures high-quality products for video processing, signal management and racking; and delivers excellent customer service in a wide range of vertical markets. tvONE is a U.S.-based company. However, its research and development, as well as manufacturing, are in the UK.

tvONE Delighted to Partner with ACT Entertainment

Andy Fliss, tvONE’s president, expresses delight with the company’s partnership with ACT Entertainment. Indeed, he describes the parent company as a well-respected and powerful organization at the core of live production. That, in fact, is tvONE’s largest market. “The reach that ACT has established in live events will be a tremendous boon for our product lines,” Fliss adds. He continues, “The width and depth of ACT in providing comprehensive solutions and system integration will further enable all of our customers in their work.”

tvONE’s existing management and structure will remain in place after the acquisition. “We already have a great rapport with Ben,” Fliss affirms. He continues, “[We] look forward to working with him and everyone on the ACT team.”

ACT Entertainment’s acquisition of the tvONE line of video products follows the company’s recent move into the audio sector with distribution of PK Sound’s robotic line-array systems. PK Sound joins ACT’s comprehensive roster of brands exclusively distributed to customers in North America. Of course, those brands include Ayrton and Robert Juliat lighting, MA Lighting, AC Power Distribution, MDG atmosphere generators and zactrack automated follow systems.

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