AdMobilize Partners with avt, Expands Reach of Audience Analytics and Business Data

Published: September 8, 2017
AdMobilize makes audience analytics software for digital signage.

AdMobilize, a Miami-based software provider with solutions for extracting valuable audience analytics business data from digital signage systems, continues expansion by partnering with avt, which will serve as its distribution partner in the corporate, education and government vertical markets in Australia and New Zealand.

During InfoComm 2017, AdMobilize demonstrated its Crowd Analytics Platform to integrator attendees. Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO and co-founder of AdMobilize, sees the analytics software as a way to address demand for data by customers in retail, public spaces, corporate, hospitality and, frankly, most vertical markets.


Demand is significant for audience analytics and business data. Kramer which officially launched its Kramer Control platform at InfoComm 2017 is touting it as a a data analytics engine in the form or a control solution. One of the coolest-sounding educational sessions at Infocomm 2017 focused on business data.

However, most integrators haven’t taken the business data ball and run with it. Hopefully that will change with more tools such as AdMobilize’s Crowd Analytics Platform.

More on AdMobilize’s distribution partnership with avt:

Underscoring the growing market demand for AI and analytics to be incorporated into any complete display-based engagement solution, AdMobilize, the industry-leading computer vision company dedicated to making sense of the physical world, today announced the appointment of avt to serve as its exclusive distribution partner in the Corporate, Education and Government vertical markets in Australia and New Zealand. According to AdMobilize Global Head of Sales & Marketing Mike Neel, the appointment will accelerate the delivery of critically important, next-generation real-time data analytics technology to avt resellers and end-user customers.


‚ÄúEngagement without¬†analytics¬†in the commercial AV industry simply no longer works for anyone,‚ÄĚ Neel emphasized today. ‚ÄúReal-time information about who is being engaged, for how long, and with what outcome represents the next great advance in making display-based visualization systems a meaningful and productive component of an audiovisual experience.¬†Australia¬†and¬†New¬†Zealand¬†are two of the most forward-looking display markets in the world. They understand the importance of integrating¬†analytics¬†into their systems and this distribution partnership with¬†avt¬†will make that an immediate reality.‚ÄĚ

Depending on one’s usage and installation environment, the AdMobilize platform can, in real-time, track ad performance and customer engagement; capture people, vehicle, and crowd analytics; segment campaigns and content by hour and site; validate viewership; target by both audience demographic and emotion; optimize store traffic flow; locate popular zones; and view store activity, amongst much more. All captured analytics are fed to a cloud-based dashboard or API that allows end-users to assess results and performance, identify trends, and make any necessary adjustments to the displayed content.

According to Neel,¬†AdMobilize¬†and¬†avt¬†met at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The completeness of the¬†AdMobilize¬†solution was immediately apparent to avt¬†Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation¬†Graham Barrett. ‚ÄúMore than any other company in the space,¬†AdMobilize¬†understands the big picture of what is required in this emerging application of¬†audience¬†analytics¬†for meeting and teaching spaces and has the component tools to make it practical in customizable ways in virtually any type of installation,‚ÄĚ Barrett said today. ‚ÄúWe believe our¬†partners¬†will be excited by the business outcomes they can achieve with¬†AdMobilize¬†analytic platforms.‚ÄĚ

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