Atlona All-IP Meeting Space Is Coming to InfoComm 2018 (And it Means Scalable Systems)

Published: May 16, 2018

Atlona comes to InfoComm 2018 June 6-8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center [booth C3576] with a new strategy aimed at accelerating transitions from legacy circuit-based systems to fully networked, IP-enabled environments: the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space

The Atlona All-IP Meeting Space concept “simplifies meeting room designs by bringing the power of large, enterprise-sized, IP-based systems to individual meeting spaces, without the need for complex switching systems,” according to the company press release.

The concept is adaptable to everything from basic meeting rooms, to advanced spaces such as divisible and overflow rooms. [related]

“The All-IP Meeting Space breaks new ground as a concept because it helps organizations eliminate the legacy technology that has long translated to complex systems designs, lengthy installation periods, and high equipment and labor costs,” according to the Atlona press release.

“The central message of the All-IP Meeting Space is that the network switch becomes the switcher, creating an enormous amount of freedom to deliver right-sized switching systems without the limitations of a fixed I/O matrix,” according to the company announcement.

Atlona’s All-IP Meeting Space “solves the unique challenges of sharing content and AV resources, including digital signal processing and control, across multiple rooms,” according to the company press release.

Every component on the network can be natively managed from any location, removing the learning curve for IT administrators, as AV becomes another element managed on the shared network.

The complete multi-faceted architecture, which brings together IP-enabled Atlona 4K/UHD encoders and decoders, control and peripherals, will be the central exhibit at Atlona’s InfoComm 2018 booth.

The demonstration will show the following Atlona products working together, as well as interoperability with pertinent third-party components (such as DSPs) and Atlona PTZ cameras:

  • OmniStream AV over IP platform (encoders, decoders, audio interfaces)
  • OmniStream USB over IP device adapters (AT-OMNI-311, AT-OMNI-324)
  • Velocity control over IP solution

Atlona All-IP Meeting Space Means Flexible, Scalable Systems

Atlona All-IP Meeting Space designs “overcome the limitations of legacy wired AV systems in favor of the optimal flexibility, simplified integration and infinite scalability available through a facility’s existing data networking infrastructure,” according to the company press release.

“Customers also achieve significant cost savings through the use of an existing Gigabit Ethernet backbone and operational knowledge from IT professionals.”

This strategy “allows customers to specify the exact number of inputs and outputs required for a particular space, and duplicate – or even modify – that system design across other rooms,” according to the Atlona press release.

Atlona All-IP Meeting Space, IP-enabled, InfoComm 2018

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“Interconnection of local area networks with adjacent rooms and buildings also removes the traditional signal routing and distance limitations of AV matrix switchers,” according to the announcement. “Furthermore, inherent redundancy within the All-IP Meeting Space maximizes system protection, and can be specified for mission-critical systems.”

Field-upgradeable OmniStream and Velocity hardware “ensures that All-IP Meeting Spaces will always meet the evolving needs of the IP-enabled business environment, while the openness of IP-based systems simplify standardization across a building, campus or organization – whether local, national or global,” according to Atlona.

“New PoE-powered endpoints and configurations are possible without teardowns and overhauls, with no network rebuilds required for initial AV over IP integrations.”

“With IP as the AV signal infrastructure, there is no longer a need to create a customized system design for each meeting space,” said David Shamir, director of product management for Atlona in the press release.

“Our All-IP Meeting Space architecture maximizes ROI through a flexible systems approach that can be adapted for different room sizes or application requirements. Our scalability for low-cost, high-value system upgrades is based on an AV over IP infrastructure that is easier to expand and upgrade than ‘rust-belt’ circuit-based designs.”

Click here for more information on the Atlona All-IP Meeting Space.

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