Atlona AMS 2.0 System, OmniStream R-Type Now Shipping

Published: April 12, 2018
Atlona Management Systems (AMS) is available as the AT-AMS-HW server appliance, or as a free software application.

[related] AV-over-IP was a big topic at last year’s InfoComm, and Altona clearly expects the same from InfoComm 2018. It’s positioning the now shipping Atlona AMS 2.0 System, OmniStream R-Type and Audio Solutions as powerful new resources for integrators and end users transitioning to IP.

In its latest press release, Atlona is already hyping the AV-over-IP solutions it will show at InfoComm 2018, June 6-8 in Las Vegas, citing several new network-based solutions to switch, distribute, configure and manage video and audio content over IP in virtually any AV environment.

The latest Atlona Management System (AMS) and OmniStream AV-over-IP solutions, now shipping, will respectively receive their global and North American debuts at InfoComm 2018 in Booth C3576, it writes.

More on Atlona AMS 2.0 System:

Atlona AMS 2.0 is an easy-to-use resource for AV integrators, AV/IT system administrators and technology managers to very quicklyconfigure, monitor and service multiple Atlona products from a web browser.

The second-generation AMS platform evolves this concept with a newly redesigned GUI that adopts the same user-friendly interaction and navigation elements fromAtlona’s Velocity solution. As a result, AMS offers a worry-free installation and user experience through more efficient organization of devices and systems by room, floor, building, site or campus.

AMS offers powerful features for all users across automatic network discovery, multi-device configuration and management, automatic firmware updates, event logging, and notifications and alerts. AMS is available as the AT-AMS-HWserver appliance, or as a free software application.

The AT-AMS-HW is compact and easily installs into a rack or any other discreet location. Setup is fast and easy, with no software installation or configuration procedure necessary.

‚ÄúAMS removes the extensive installation and configuration burdens on systems integrators through a simple¬†GUI that clearly demonstrates the interactions, flow and visual elements associated with bringing¬†Atlona¬†IP-controllable products onto the network,‚ÄĚ said¬†David Shamir,¬†Atlona¬†director of product management.

‚ÄúOnce installed, in-house¬†AV/IT staff including systems¬†administrators, technology managers and helpdesk personnel will have a simple and straightforward way to monitor and service¬†Atlona¬†devices¬†over¬†the network moving forward.‚ÄĚ

In its initial release, AMS will offer immediate value for the configuration and management of OmniStream solutions, it adds.

Along with the Atlona AMS 2.0, Atlona announces the immediate availability of the entire OmniStream R-Type AV-over-IP family for light commercial and residential AV systems; and a new IP-to-analog audio bridge for its OmniStream Audio line.

More on OmniStream R-Type:

OmniStream R-Type is a solution 4K HDR over IP distribution for professional and whole-house installations. The family supports 4K HDR, including HDR10 @ 60 Hz and 10-bit color, as well as HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) for future 60p HDR broadcast services.

Consisting of dual channel AT-OMNI-512 encoders and single channel AT-OMNI-521 decoders, OmniStream R-Type offers the lowest latency of any AV over Gigabit Ethernet platform, plug and play compatibility with PoE network switches, and works with existing CAT 5e cable plants.  Both models are now shipping.

More on OmniStream Audio:

Also shipping is the AT-OMNI-238, which will receive its North American debut at InfoComm 2018.

The OmniStream 238provides integrators with an IP-to-analog audio bridge to support 16 audio output channels. Designed to receive Dante orAES67-compatible audio streamed from OmniStream AV encoders, the audio bridge is ideal for pairing with multi-channel amps, this enables integrators to target ceiling speakers and other end points in multiple rooms or zones for informational, entertainment, and other needs.

The AT-OMNI-238 joins the two-input, two-output AT-OMNI-232 Dante audio bridge in the OmniStream Audio range.

The latter integrates any number of Dante-enabled digital signal processors, microphones, amplifiers or other devices within the OmniStream ecosystem, making OmniStream instantly compatible with facility-wide conferencing, paging and/or background music systems, with the flexibility to target specific zones matched to on-screen video content.

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