9 Times AV Technology Helped Higher Education Institutions

Published: 2017-08-29

It’s time for millions of students to head back to class at higher education institutions across the globe. But while the college students stuff their noses into their books or plan raucous parties, they might not pay attention to the stunning AV technology all around them.


But they really should, because in so many cases, AV installations have the power to alter a higher education institution’s future by displaying the best of campus life or simplifying the life of teachers who just want their presentations to run smoothly.

In this slideshow you’ll see some prime examples of that: AV installations which put the focus on improving students’ and teachers’ experience in the learning environment. It’s difficult to do both: professors require one-touch, fast-working control systems, while college students are notoriously hard to impress.

Over 13 miles of cabling went into the Maersk Tower project in Denmark: this massive project required thousands of dollars in AV technology to benefit health science students, with a focus on finding the right type of directional sound system to carry professors’ voices across large, open spaces.


Arizona State University’s integrator had to deal with a very different kind of challenge: the intensity of the midday Southwestern sun. The project called for eye-popping video walls, but the Arizona summer sun created challenges when creating a display bright enough to be visible from outside. Mesa, Ariz.-based Level 3, however, earned a 2017 CI Integration Award by programming an LED video wall to change its brightness based on how much sun the sensor picks up. The team maintains that it’s the first time that specific programming has been done, at least to its knowledge.

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There are numerous products on the market that play a considerable role in higher education, but they can’t do so without a competent integrator putting them into action.

View the slideshow to see some of the best examples of AV technology impacting the higher education market.

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