U.K.-Based Avocor Adds AVI Systems to North American Partner Network

Published: August 30, 2017
Avocor was founded in 2016 by Nigel Steljes.

Avocor, a U.K.-based  manufacturer which launched in 2016 and set up North American operations in Oregon, is adding to its North American distribution network. It announces a partnership with Eden Prairie, Minn.-based integration firm AVI Systems.


The maker of interactive collaboration technology solutions was founded by Nigel Steljes, known for Nigel Steljes. It came out of the gate aggressively announcing Scott Hix, formerly of InFocus and Planar, as president and CEO of Avocor Americas; and integration firm CCS Presentation Systems as a partner.

With today’s announcement that AVI Systems is joining its partner network, Avocor sees its North American presence taking shape.

“AVI Systems is excited to have Avocor as a solution to help our customers communicate whenever, however, and wherever they need too,” says Tom Voigts, Avocor’s director of partnerships, in a press release. “This partnership between AVI and Avocor is another step toward communication liberation for our customers.”

Some North American integration firms might not be familiar with Avocor’s interactive solutions, which the company says are designed to improve collaboration and cross team participation in the modern workplace, increasing productivity and breaking down communication barriers, particularly for remote workers via cloud based conferencing applications.

From the press release on AVI Systems:

Because the Avocor solution is platform agnostic and not locked down to propriety software or hardware requirements, organizations can create their ideal collaborative environment that meets the needs of their business, today, tomorrow and in the future.

AVI Systems, which is one of the few ESOP companies in the integration market, is deemed a significant partner.

“We are delighted to welcome AVI Systems to the Avocor partner network and we are all very excited to work with a systems integrator of such a high caliber,” says Dana Corey, GM and VP of sales, Avocor.

“Their highly trained sales professionals together with a vast array of support engineers, project managers, installers and service technicians make AVI Systems an ideal partner to position the solution into Enterprise clients across the US.”

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