COVID-19 Update

AVI Systems

Creating an Office That Meets Everyone’s Needs—Even Those Who Aren’t There

AVI Systems panel discussion looked at how the pandemic has changed the definition of the office for many workers, likely forever in many cases.

Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership Has Proven Successful, So Why Isn’t It Used More in AV?

AVI Systems is one of the only examples of ESOPs in AV and I don’t know why. I love having an ownership stake in my company and your employees would too.

How Much Does AV Integrator Ownership Structure Matter?

Planning your career as the AV industry flexes and changes includes understanding the benefits of private equity and employee ownership structures.

Global Presence Alliance

AVI Systems Joins GPA as U.S. Regional Business Unit

Completion of AVI-SPL/Whitlock $1.3 billion mega-merger paved the way for AVI Systems to represent the U.S. in the Global Presence Alliance.

AVI Live

AVI Systems Postpones Minneapolis AVI Live Event Until the Fall; Two Others Intact for Now

AVI Live stop in Minneapolis moved from May 13 to some time TBD in the fall, while stops in Detroit on Aug. 26 and Sept. 23 in Milwaukee are still planned.

Stoebner, AVI Systems

AVI Systems Embraces the Spirit of Giving Back to Local Charities and their Own Employees

AVI Systems involved with True Friends camp and Second Harvest food pantry, while also supporting crowdfunding efforts for employees who need a little help.

AV Integration Firm productivity

Why the Lack of Productivity at Your AV Integration Firm?

Recent AVI Systems poll of newsletter subscribers and blog readers captures the three top areas that lead to a lack of productivity among employees.

NSCA Brand

NSCA Brand Discussion Aimed at Deeper Connection with Members

NSCA brand workshop at Pivot to Profit conference focused on best ways to get message out about association’s research, advocacy and events.

CI Fantasy Football

CI Fantasy Football League: Championship Round Results and In-Depth Analysis

We crowned five 2018 CI Fantasy Football League champions, meaning these titans of the fake gridiron are leaving 2018 on the highest note possible.

People & Places: A Month of Pro AV Industry Promotions Sets Key Hiring Example

AV news this month includes Leyard Planar, Ricoh and other company’s hires from within. Follow more pro AV industry updates in the slideshow.

CoronaVirus Update