BenQ’s Blue Core Laser Golf Simulation Projectors Top Golfing Hit Lists

Published: 2021-03-25

BenQ is “receiving critical acclaim for its commitment to delivering the most realistic, user-friendly golfing experience for at-home and commercial golf simulation,” the company announced today.

BenQ’s Blue Core laser golf simulation projectors — including the recently announced 4K UHD LK953ST and WUXGA LU935ST short-throw projectors — boast a color-accurate image and a lamp-free, filter-free, IP5X-certified sealed laser engine.

“There’s a reason that golf courses like Pebble Beach, Kapalua, and Pinehurst are favorites: they’re stunning,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ America Corp. “As the golf simulation market heats up, golfers want their picture to be as close as possible to what they’d see on these fairways in real life.”

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In developing its lineup of gaming and professional photography and video monitors and professional displays, BenQ has put the focus on color accuracy as a critical element to creating an immersive experience. That same commitment drives the company’s Blue Core golf simulation projectors.

BenQ fully achieves the Rec. 709 color standard that never yellows. This creates the most realistic image with no oversaturation. When combined with BenQ’s millions of pixels and high lumen output, golfers will get the most out of their golf simulator.

Golf Simulation Projectors

More About BenQ Golf Simulation Projectors

Golf simulators are being placed anywhere they can be fit — basements, garages, and a variety of other residential and commercial spaces. With that in mind, BenQ wanted to make installation anywhere as easy as possible.

The company’s golf simulation projectors feature many built-in installation mechanisms, including optical zoom that eliminates the expense of separate lenses that can easily tack on thousands of dollars to the base price and allows the projector to be mounted safely outside the hitting area without the player casting a shadow on the screen.

BenQ golf simulation projectors also feature digital shrink and offset to ensure an edge-to-edge picture that fills the screen when mounted further away; lens shift for projectors that need to be mounted off to the side; keystone correction and corner fit for a centered image, and multiple HDMI inputs and networking and audio I/Os.

Finally, BenQ’s Blue Core lasers are designed to eliminate the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps while providing 20,000-hour life with a consistent color performance.

BenQ’s laser engine has immediate startup and shutdown, which allows users to start playing right away without waiting for a lamp to warm up and removes the risk of the lamp breaking if not properly cooled down.

In addition, the sealed engine is IP5X-rated, a certification given to the most rigorously tested mobile and smart watch technology available today.

It doesn’t require filters and if it’s installed in a dust-prone environment, such as a garage or basement, the dustproof design ensures that nothing will compromise its performance or longevity.

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