Biamp Launches Charitable Leadership Committee and Grant Program

Published: January 9, 2020

Biamp is ramping up its effort to “strengthen communities where people work, play and live” by maximizing its giving and volunteer opportunities through the creation of what it’s calling a charitable leadership committee.

Through Biamp’s charitable leadership committee, the company “will align and broaden its support of global organizations that share Biamp’s vision of encouraging the discovery of audiovisual technology (AV) and engineering and enhancing the lives of those in need,” according to the company announcement this week.

The Biamp charitable leadership committee “will be responsible for managing Biamp’s new grant program, volunteer programming, and employee matching,” the announcement says.

“Our mission is to connect people through extraordinary experiences, not only in the AV industry but in the community as well,” said Rashid Skaf, Biamp president, CEO, and co-chairman, in the company announcement.

“By strengthening our charitable leadership committee, which oversees our new grant and employee matching programs, we are pursuing a mission to ignite even more positive change. I’m incredibly proud of the initiative and generosity of our team members. It’s because of them that Biamp has been able to truly make a difference,” he said.

Biamp Gives Back

Biamp’s charitable leadership committee will oversee the new grant program, with applications launching Feb. 1.

“Organizations within the underserved community and the AV industry” can apply for a grant from Biamp’s new program and, based on their qualifications, receive between $500 and $10,000, according to the Biamp announcement.

The Biamp charitable leadership committee will also “help promote volunteer opportunities for internal employees and streamline employee matching,” according to the company announcement.

In the past, Biamp has supported several causes, including Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Biamp PDX Jazz Festival, Theater in the Grove, Young Audiences, Shared_Studios, and Habitat for Humanity.

So, even though Biamp continues to expand its footprint across the country and around the world, it’s nice to know the company will continue to think about what’s happening in its own backyard.

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