Calibre Goes 80s Retro with InfoComm Challenge

Published: June 9, 2016

Going back in time to showcase the best of today’s video technologies, the British manufacturer Calibre demonstrates how good video games from the 1980s can look with help from its products.

Calibre shows the games on a giant 4K LED video, and in an effort to engage show goers, is also running a contest in which InfoComm attendees can compete in these 80s video games to win their choice of a LEDView or HQView 4K scaler-switcher.

The company’s goal during the show is to educate the market on the capabilities of its HQUltra processing technologies.

“The entire range of HQUltra 4K scaler-switchers are designed to be future proof, reliable and [to] produce outstanding image quality,” says Tim Brooksbank, CEO of Calibre UK. “[In addition, we also have] video scaling and switching and we have models that also perform audio switching. All products and technologies are also supported by the American support team.”

During the show, the U.K.-based manufacturer showcases its HQView 625 presentation switcher, which it says can be used for applications such as visitor attractions, live events and corporate systems that utilize 4K content.

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The company is also demonstrating for the first time its HQView620A, HQView625A, HQView630A and HQView670A, which provides users with a choice of audio/video 4K scaler-switchers.

Calibre explains these products provide analog and embedded audio switching, microphone inputs with mixer, balanced line-level outputs and a built-in amplifier all within a 1U chassis.

Taking a closer look at the HQUltra 4K LEDView700 series LED scalers, Calibre says the products incorporate its proprietary HQUlltra 4K image processing technologies. The flagship models within the line are the LEDView730 and LEDView770.

These models offer 11 inputs, three duplicate video outputs that include 4K-capable HDMI/DVI and 3G SDI. The LEDView770 also offers HDBaseT inputs and outputs, and for camera use it includes a Genlock input that is compatible with bi- or tri-level sync or black-and-burst.

Other products within the line include the LEDView720 that offers eight inputs and two duplicate inputs for fixed installations, digital signage and mobile LED trucks, and the LEDView925 steps up its option package with nine inputs and three duplicate outputs that includes HDBaseT.

Wrapping up the product line, Calibre says that dealers can use the HQUltra730 and HQUltra770 switchers for general-purpose scaling applications such as rental and staging. Calibre adds the products provide features like scan-conversion capabilities, and front-panel controls.

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