CEDIA Expo & Commercial Integrator Expo Unveil Post-Show Report

Published: January 17, 2024

Commercial Integrator Expo 2023 debuted at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, alongside CEDIA Expo 2023, welcoming an expanded audience to include fixed-installation audiovisual systems professionals and technology managers in commercial markets. The combined events drew a crowd of nearly 13,000 industry professionals and hosted hundreds of exhibitors, sound rooms and dynamic activations. Together, CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo showcased the fusion of residential and commercial technology through an expanded exhibit show floor, additional educational sessions and enhanced networking opportunities.

The event, as revealed in CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo’s joint post-show report, garnered insights into attendees’ motivations. New product discovery took the spotlight, with the majority of attendees citing it as the primary objective for their attendance. Secondary goals included staying abreast of market trends, cultivating relationships and exploring new markets and opportunities. Notably, nearly one-third of attendees were first-time participants, adding a fresh perspective to the experience.

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Driving Business Forward: Exhibitors Leverage CEDIA Expo & Commercial Integrator Expo

Exhibitors at CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo utilized the event as a valuable platform to reconnect and collaborate with manufacturer representatives, distributors, dealers and integrators to propel their businesses forward. Exhibitors were driven by a set of pivotal objectives, each strategically aimed at fortifying their positions in the market.

Brands noted boosting brand and product awareness as a crucial focal point. Additionally, generating leads and maintaining existing relationships held significant importance for participating brands. Lastly, increasing industry presence was another unified objective for CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo exhibitors.

A noteworthy aspect of CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo was the influx of first-time exhibitors contributing to the event’s vibrancy and diversity. Brands such as Crestron, Lutron, Origin Acoustics, Planar, SnapOne, Sonos, URC and many others, returned to CEDIA Expo with new technologies and product advancements. Meanwhile, K-Array, Neoti,, Salamander Designs, TP-Link, and WALL SMART unveiled new technologies at the inaugural Commercial Integrator Expo.

The report data shows that the residential and commercial technology market is poised for substantial growth. The co-located events offered a wealth of opportunities, including education on emerging trends and business prospects, insights into new technologies, networking with industry peers, and engaging activations from leading brands.

The collaborative spirit of the co-located events unveiled boundless possibilities for both residential and commercial industry professionals. To access CEDIA Expo and Commercial Integrator Expo’s joint post-show report, please visit

CEDIA Expo 2024 and Commercial Integrator Expo 2024 will take place September 4 to 7, 2024, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

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