Control Concepts Supported Product Program Launches

Published: 2023-06-14

Control Concepts, Inc., today announces the launch of its Control Concepts Supported Product program. It also unveils the program’s inaugural product: AVPro Edge MXNet. Control Concept is, of course, a premier software developer for the AV industry.

Control Concepts offers context to its decision to unveil this program with AVPro Edge’s MXNet as charter product. According to the company, it highlights the organizations’ mutual commitment to supporting AV programmers in their quest to ensure clients’ needs are met, while completing projects reliably and efficiently.

Seeking Inclusivity of All Programmers

Of course, AVPro Edge knows many expert programmers solely rely on an API to control and integrate products. However, according to AVPro Edge’s Cody Hein, “We understand the importance of being inclusive of all programmers and understanding their needs.” The engineering program director adds, “Our goal is to provide drivers, modules and plugins designed to share our MXNet philosophy to be feature-rich, yet simple to deploy.”

Hein also discusses the benefits of partnering with Control Concepts, an established and reputable software-development firm. He notes Control Concepts’ reputation for a commitment to excellence and technical support. Thus, Hein adds, “…[we’re] assured that programmers and integrators of all levels will be successful working with our products.”


This collaboration between Control Concepts and AVPro Edge will bring numerous benefits to integrators and programmers. With MXNet as a Control Concepts Supported Product, Control Concepts commits to providing comprehensive support of the modules, drivers and plugins developed for it. Moreover, Control Concepts helps ensure the success of programmers working with the MXNet product in their projects. The currently supported platform integrations for MXNet include Crestron modules and Q-SYS plugins developed by Control Concepts, Inc.

Control Concepts Expresses Delight

Steve Greenblatt, president and founder of Control Concepts, expressed delight at the announcement. “AVPro’s investment in the seamless integration of MXNet with Crestron and Q-SYS ecosystems aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering quality building blocks for control systems, while providing outstanding support for programmers in the AV industry,” he declares.

Control Concepts’ endorsement of MXNet as a supported product highlights something about AVPro Edge. Namely, it’s the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that deliver ease of integration with AV control system platforms. This collaboration empowers integrators and programmers, giving them added confidence. The Supported Product program means they can rely on these building blocks, which are fully tested, approved and endorsed by the manufacturer and guaranteed to work with the support of Control Concepts. Greenblatt’s company, of course, deeply understands the needs and challenges of AV programmers.

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