Crestron Announces Flex MX Dual-Mode Unified Communications (UC) Solution

Published: May 4, 2020

Crestron today announced a new addition to its growing line of unified communications (UC) tabletop conferencing technology: the Crestron Flex MX. [related]

The Crestron Flex MX, which the company touts as “the first product to offer both native and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) capability,” will provide users with “the flexibility to connect with anyone on any platform from any space,” according to the company announcement.

“Our focus has always been on delivering innovations that simplify workflows and help people be more productive,” said Crestron executive VP of product and technology Ranjan Singh in the company announcement.

“Collaboration is key to a successful workplace, so it only makes sense that workplace technology be collaborative as well,” said Singh.

Crestron Flex MX “offers organizations the unique flexibility to run native Microsoft Teams (UC-MX150-T) or Zoom Rooms (UC-MX150-Z) software, or switch to BYOD mode for all other conferencing software.

For organizations standardized on Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms, Flex MX delivers those native experiences, while guests can plug in their laptops and use whichever software they’re already running on their devices.

This eliminates the concern that a meeting room will not support a user’s call.

Flex MX

More About Crestron Flex MX

Flex MX “simplifies connection to the room display, requiring just a single cable,” according to the Crestron announcement.

Other key features include:

  • HDMI and USB connectivity for content sharing and video conferencing
  • An intelligent camera with a 150° field of vision
  • 360° quad microphone array

“The Crestron Flex Series, and specifically the new Flex MX models, eliminates one of the major impediments to smooth and productive meetings – attendees using different UC platforms,” said Joe Sarrasin, director of strategy, UC for Crestron, in the company announcement.

“The Crestron Flex Series is the only product line on the market that enables people to work together, regardless of location or web collaboration application, and this is the definition of the future of the workplace,” he said.

The Crestron Flex line of products “includes solutions for every type of meeting space, from private offices and small huddle rooms to boardrooms,” according to the company announcement. Solutions include smart soundbars, desktop phones, and audio/visual tabletop conferencing.

No Jitter will be hosting a webinar with Crestron and industry analysts to discuss the new features in real time on Wednesday, May 6 at 11 a.m.

Crestron Flex MX for Microsoft Teams will be available on May 22. Crestron Flex MX for Zoom Rooms will be available this summer.

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