D-Tools Showcases Power-Packed SIv21 & Cloud Software Solutions at ISE 2024

Published: January 17, 2024
Courtesy/ D-Tools

D-Tools, Inc., the Concord, Calif.-based, provider of business management software catering to the needs of the systems integration market for 25 years, continues to improve and refine its suite of solutions for better business operations and productivity across all departments within an organization. These new features and capabilities to D-Tools’ latest versions of its flagship on-premise System Integrator (SI) software and next-generation Cloud platform will be demonstrated to ISE 2024 attendees at Stand #2L500.

D-Tools Showcases Newest Generation of D-Tools System Integrator (SI), Version 21

At ISE 2024 D-Tools will demonstrate new features of the latest version of its System Integrator (SI) business software platform, Version 21 (v21). The enhancements to SIv21 include a suite of new project management and documentation capabilities, plus quicker, easier categorization and selection of products within the SI database. SIv21 ensures the accuracy of data, enables greater scheduling precision, simplifies bulk data management, and even reduces eye strain, among other features designed to improve efficiency and profitability, says the company.

Key Features of System Integrator v21:

  • Enhanced Documentation and File Organization: The ability to add files or links to products, such as spec sheets and installation manuals, streamlines documentation within the D-Tools System Integrator (SI) platform. A new reporting function links these files to project files, which enables more organized, efficient management and retrieval of documentation.
  • Streamlined Closeout Process: The feature’s extension to closeout documents provides a streamlined process for delivering final documentation to clients. Clients receive all necessary files, contributing to customer satisfaction and project closure efficiency.
  • More Comfortable Visual Interface: Newly implemented is a dark mode to reduce eye strain and fatigue and improve focus, especially during prolonged periods of screen time.
  • Enhanced Scheduling Precision: The ability to choose specific labor types when adding items to a task enhances scheduling precision, accuracy of project timelines, better project planning, and optimization of resource allocation.
  • Bulk Data Management: The import/export functionality for checklists using CSV files simplifies bulk data management and ensures consistency in task execution across projects to reduce the likelihood of errors and improve the overall project quality.
  • Client and Vendor Merge: The ability to merge clients and vendors helps eliminate duplicate entries, ensuring data accuracy within the system and making it easier to find and work with relevant information.
  • Vendor-Specific Selection: The ability to filter the “Add from Product Library” by vendor partner streamlines the product selection process and helps users easily identify and choose products from their preferred partners.

D-Tools Cloud: Supercharging Sales 

Now available to integrators in the United Kingdom, D-Tools Cloud, the web-based multi-OS solution, combines a suite of business management tools, including several recent new additions debuting at ISE 2024. D-Tools Cloud expedites the generation and throughput of proposals, enabling integrators to close deals faster and move on to the next project. The platform’s facilitation of dynamic, engaging multimedia proposals and browser-based visual quoting enables closer collaboration with clients, leading to prompt signoff and close rates, says D-Tools.

Users can also automatically include optional items in proposals, incorporate interactive hotspots in images, add WYSIWYG snippets to documents and employ a new elastic search function to simplify the procurement process. Collectively, these updates, alongside UX improvements for tasks and scheduling, offer a more intuitive and effective management experience.

New Features of D-Tools Cloud

  • Auto Select Optional Items in Proposals: Optional items can now be selected and populated on proposals automatically, saving time and improving accuracy.
  • Hotspots in Proposals: “Hotspots” can be added to images within both the gallery and portfolio sections of the proposal to highlight key areas of interest.
  • WYSIWYG Snippets: Blocks of text can be created and saved for future use within any WYSIWYG text editing modal.
  • Client Signoff: Allows service technicians to have clients sign off on work summaries for better customer engagement and project management.
  • Brand/Suppliers Elastic Search: Provides a simpler, more efficient way to organize and search for brands and suppliers and check the status of available products.
  • Quotes and Change Order Reports: Provides greater visibility and organization of change orders and delivers a cleaner, more concise presentation to customers.

Where to See D-Tools at ISE 2024

To request a live demo of SIv21 and Cloud on the show floor, email D-Tools at and stop by ISE stand 2L500.

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